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Gordon Engineering Leadership Center



The Gordon Center offers educational, awards and networking programs and opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and professional students with leadership potential. The Gordon Center serves as an umbrella for existing and emerging opportunities within and beyond the Jacobs School to gain leadership experience. Students will participate in focused classes, workshops, leadership forums and summer schools that integrate exciting engineering and leadership challenges and practices. Outstanding achievements will be rewarded with Gordon Engineering Leadership Awards. Upon successful completion of the Center's program, students will receive a Gordon Engineering Leadership Certificate and will join the Gordon Alumni Network.

Engineering Leadership Core Values

The Gordon Center strives to instill in Jacobs School students the attitudes, knowledge and skill sets required for engineering leadership. The Center promotes the following values:

  • Maintain the highest level of integrity and ethics in all conduct
  • Have the vision to understand the issues facing society and how an engineering project can help address those issues
  • Have the breadth and depth of engineering knowledge to understand constraints and possibilities in developing an engineering innovation
  • Know how to assess the potential market and listen to potential users in order to look for additional opportunities for innovation
  • Have the ability to convincingly communicate his/herr vision downward, upward and outward
  • Know how to prepare novel product proposals and an accepted business plan
  • Take risks in exploring or inventing innovative designs and processes in order to meet challenging performance goals
  • Accept personal responsibility for developing an innovative project on time, to budget and to specification of the client
  • Understand how to recruit, motivate, educate, empower, and engender loyalty from team members.
  • Possess a passion and intellectual drive for life-long learning.