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Gordon Engineering Leadership Center


ENG 100B: Engineering Leadership

Engineering leadership attitudes, styles, principles, and approaches; stages of product development and evolution; strategic and critical thinking and problem solving for engineering projects; resource management; quality control; risk analysis and risk taking; engineering business economics, law, leadership and corporate ethics.


ENG 210: Systems Engineering Leadership

Systems Engineering Leadership engages students in a systematic approach to problem solving that extends beyond the depth of engineering into the breadth of implementing engineering solutions with optimum components required to manifest an idea into reality and derive a solution to an existing problem.

ENG 211: Engineering Leadership in Academia

Engineering Leadership in Academia will serve as a tool for success for graduate students who want to stay in academia. Engineering Leadership in Academia exposes graduate students to a greater understanding of the faculty leadership role and the university's expectations. This will be accomplished by preparing course and research proposals that will be peer reviewed and refined iteratively. This course will have two components:
1) Readings in engineering leadership, teaching, proposal development, ethics, and cognitive science, and
2) Practical experience in teaching, and research project development and evaluation.