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Gordon Engineering Leadership Center

Engineering Leadership Programs

Engineering Leadership Programs

At the heart of the Gordon Center is its engineering leadership education and training program for Gordon Scholars. This program is a comprehensive, clearly defined pathway for students to develop into engineering leaders.


The courses offered at the undergraduate and graduate level will complement existing engineering curricula by introducing a focus on engineering leadership aspects. Novel courses on engineering leadership will complement and refine existing and emerging offerings on project management, team engineering, ethics and innovation within the corporate structure.

Leadership Forums

The Gordon Center will also invite experienced and recognized engineering leaders from the government, the military, the private sector and academia to teach case studies in the courses, and provide specialized workshop and mentoring services to student leaders so that they can share their knowledge and experience with Gordon Scholars.

Leadership Workshops

The Gordon Center will host multiple Engineering Leadership Workshops each year to complement the activities of the Jacobs School's project-based engineering programs. The objective of the workshops will be to provide intensive and tailored training and mentoring to Gordon Scholars within the context of their Gordon Center activities, and to expose the general campus population to the activities and programs of the Gordon Center.

Challenge Project

Both undergraduate and graduate Gordon Scholars will demonstrate their leadership skills in dedicated challenge product development projects. These projects are a core part of the Gordon Center program.

At the time of their graduation, Gordon Scholars in good standing will receive a Gordon Engineering Leadership Certificate, and will join the Gordon Alumni Network.

Think Tank

Once per year the Gordon Center will offer a Think Tank covering advanced engineering and leadership topics for graduate students. The idea is to bring engineering students and distinguished engineering leaders from academia, government and military, and the private sector together to discuss advances in engineering, and engineering leadership.
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