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Gordon Engineering Leadership Center

Gordon Scholars

Why I Applied to the
Gordon Scholars Program

Each year, the Gordon Center selects a total of about 30 students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels to become Gordon Scholars.


Gordon Scholars are selected via a competitive application process. They learn the principles, theory, attitudes and skill sets required to be an engineering leader through a progressive education, training and practice program. The program includes:

  • Leadership courses (offered to all UC San Diego students at the undergraduate and graduate levels). These courses complement the existing engineering curricula by introducing a focus on aspects of engineering leadership, such as project management, team engineering, ethics and innovation within the corporate structure.
  • Leadership workshops, which complement the Jacobs School's project-based engineering programs and are invitation-only. The objective of the workshops is to provide intensive and tailored training and mentoring to Gordon Scholars.
  • Leadership forums, which are open to the public. The Gordon Center will invite experienced and recognized engineering leaders from the government, the military, the private sector and academia to teach case studies as part of the Gordon Scholar course curricula and to expose the general campus population to the activities and programs of the Gordon Center.
  • Challenge Project. Both undergraduate and graduate Gordon Scholars are required to practice the leadership skills they have learned by managing and executing a challenge technical project on time and to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Think Tanks. Once per year, the Gordon Center offers a "Think Tank" covering advanced engineering and leadership topics for Gordon Scholars at the graduate level. The goal is to bring engineering students and distinguished engineering leaders from academia, government, the military and the private sector together to discuss advances in engineering and engineering leadership and integrate theory and case studies with hands-on practice. (Optional for Undergraduate Gordon Scholars)

  • At the time of their graduation, Gordon Scholars in good standing receive a Gordon Engineering Leadership Certificate, and join the Gordon Alumni Network. Outstanding achievements will be rewarded with Gordon Engineering Leadership Awards.

    The Gordon Center measures the success of and continuously improves the Center's programs by means of surveys and tracking the students and alumni of the Gordon Scholars program.

    Apply now to become a Gordon Scholar.