The UCSD Pascal Reunion Symposium celebrated the accomplishments of
Professor Emeritus Kenneth Bowles and his team of graduate and
undergraduate students. In the mid 1970s, this team modified the original
Pascal language and created a portable programming language and operating
system that for the first time made micro-processors accessible to the
masses. The team filled thousands of requests for copies of the p-system,
and by the early 1980s, UCSD Pascal was being used as a teaching tool by
universities worldwide and was implemented by major corporations such as
Apple and IBM. Many of the concepts developed through UCSD Pascal are
still in use today in languages such as Java and Ada.

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Ken Bowles - Professor Emeritus, Computer Science and Engineering
:: Video: Insights for UCSD Pascal Generation Length: 1:04:42
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Stephen Franklin - Assistant Director, Network and Academic Computing Services, UC Irivne and Lecturer
:: Video: UCSD Pascal in Education Length: 8:57
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Henrik Wann Jensen - Assoc. Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
:: Video: Digital Illumination: Realistic Image Synthesis Length: 38:48
Richard Kaufmann '78 - Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard
:: Video: What the Heck Was UCSD Pascal? Length: 16:46
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Mark Overgaard '78 - President, Pigeon Point Systems
:: Video: SofTech Microsystems (SMS) Era Length: 6:03 
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Mohan Paturi - Professor and Chair, Computer Science and Engineering
:: Video: Welcome to UCSD Pascal Team  Length: 7:17
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Stefan Savage - Assistant Professor , Computer Science and Engineering
:: Video: Personal Experiences with Pascal Length: 3:13
Frieder Seible - Dean of the Jacobs School, Professor Structural Engineering
:: Video: Opening Remarks Length: 6:30
Roger Sumner '77 - President, Beach Software Designs, Inc.
:: Video: Impact of UCSD Pascal: A View from the Trenches Length: 11:54
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John VanZandt '76, '79 '86 - President, CEO Consultancy, Inc..
:: Video: Pascal: The B6700 Era Length: 9:36
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Lucia Yandell '78, '80 - JSF SW Process Lead, Northrop Grumman, ST Radio Systems
:: Video: UCSD Pascal: The Personal Side  Length: 6:04
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Panel Discussion - Panelists: Keith Shillington '78 (pictured), Co-owner, E Street Cafe; Bowles, Franklin, Kaufmann, Overgaard, Sumner, Yandell and VanZandt. Moderated by Stefan Savage
:: Video: Panel Discussion:  Length: 20:50
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