Department: Computer Science & Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): William Griswold | Ingolf Krueger | Tajana Simunic-Rosing
Award(s): Honorable Mention

Primary Student
Name: Elizabeth S. Bales
Email: earrowsm@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-9669
Grad Year: 2013

Student Collaborators
Nichole Quick, nicholequick@gmail.com | Nima Nikzad, nnikzad@eng.ucsd.edu | Celal Ziftci, cziftci@eng.ucsd.edu | Thomas Barbour, tjbarbour@gmail.com | Piero Zappi, pzappi@eng.ucsd.edu

Despite the negative impact bad air quality can have on individuals, there is little data available when it comes to personal exposure. We report on the data we collected from an "in the wild" study of air quality that we conducted with mobile personal sensor boards carried by commuters at UCSD developed by the CitiSense project. We look at how maps of exposure and social networking enabled our participants to learn about their own pollution exposure and also help their communities learn about their air quality. This poster presents data from our initial user study and also explores future directions based on the results.

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