Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Research Institute Affiliation: Center for Magnetic Recording Research (CMRR)
Faculty Advisor(s): Vitaliy Lomakin

Primary Student
Name: Javier Espigares Martin
Email: jespigar@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-4479
Grad Year: 2012

Student Collaborators
Marko Lubarda, malubard@ucsd.edu | Marco Escobar, maescoba@ucsd.edu | Shaojing Li, sli@ucsd.edu

A new simulator program for micromagnetic nanoparticle arrays has been created. The simulator relies on the physics of magnetization dynamics for this type of nanoparticles, specifically the assumption of a single spin per particle. This leads to a fewer number of unknowns and the absence of stiffness. The consequence of having a fewer number of unknowns implies that the media used in the simulations is less restricted by its size and larger media can be simulated. The application of fast methods for magnetostatics and intensive parallelization with CUDA and OpenMP for the computation of the fast FFT and the tensor generation, makes the program to achieve an speed of simulation of about 0.3 billion steps per second and nanoparticle with an NVIDIA GTX590 card. This program can be used for the simulation of recording magnetic slabs and its results are currently being employed by IBM in their research of magnetic recording.

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