Department: Structural Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Qiang Zhu

Primary Student
Name: Seyedeh Sara Salehyar
Email: sssalehy@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-888-2797
Grad Year: 2016

Offshore floating wind turbines are developed to exploit steady wind resources in relatively deep waters. In recent years, many different conceptual designs have been proposed. There are, however, few dynamic models for studying the structural robustness of these designs. Specifically, a comprehensive model should include the aerodynamic (wind) and hydrodynamic (wave and current) loads coupled with structural responses. In the initial phase of this study, the base motions of a wind turbine with spar buoy style mooring system are found by developing a linear boundary element code to calculate the wave-body interaction, and a cable dynamic model for calculating the cable-structure interaction. The structural response of the wind turbine due to the base motions are investigated by developing a finite element model. In the second stage of this project, the wind effects on the base motions are incorporated into the model by utilizing the code AeroDyn coupled with FAST. The highly nonlinear wind effects together with the nonlinear nature of the wave-body interaction in rough waves motivated us to develop a nonlinear, time-domain model to study the wind turbine dynamics.

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