Department: Computer Science & Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Ryan Kastner

Primary Student
Name: Alireza Khodamoradi
Email: akhodamo@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-8908
Grad Year: 2019

Student Collaborators
Alric Althof, aalthoff@eng.ucsd.edu

Using laser in 3D profiling is becoming more popular in many applications from industry and military to research labs. Advantage of using laser beams is precise results in the measurements, this, and high speed sensors make high rate 3D profiling possible. One of the challenges for high rate sensing is transferring big amount of data between sensor and processor. In this work we introduce a novel 3D profiling method by using a neuromorphic imaging sensor as a compressed sampling device. We also introduce a new reconstruction method for compressed signal generated with our sensor. By taking advantage of neuromorphic imaging sensors property and using our reconstruction method we expect high rates in 3D profiling in order of 20KHz.

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Contact:   researchexpo@soe.ucsd.edu   (858) 534-6068