Department: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Research Institute Affiliation: Agile - CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials & Systems
Faculty Advisor(s): Prabhakar R. Bandaru

Primary Student
Name: David Ian Moreira
Email: dmoreira@ucsd.edu
Phone: 650-224-3519
Grad Year: 2016

Superhydrophobic (SH) surfaces, created from hydrophobic materials with micro- and nano-roughness, trap air pockets in the interstices of the roughness, leading, in fluid flow conditions, to shear-free regions with finite interfacial fluid velocity and resistance to flow. The increased fluid velocity profile, in addition to the presence of air, leads to a modified response not only in the flow dynamics, but also in heat transfer. We experimentally analyze the effects on fluid transport on a novel durable polymeric rough surface with varying microscale roughness through velocity and pressure drop measurements. We analytically characterize the effects of SH surfaces on heat transport in microchannels using an effective medium approach to model the lowered thermal conductivity caused by the presence of air and using a finite slip velocity at the fluid interface. The air fraction becomes the primary predictor of the response, with a large air fraction creating increased velocity and a reduced pressure drop in fluid transport, while the decrease in the thermal conductivity of the substrate plays a larger role in the overall heat transfer in the channel.

Industry Application Area(s)
Energy/Clean technology | Life Sciences/Medical Devices & Instruments | Materials

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