Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Y. Shaya Fainman | Jordan Davis

Primary Student
Name: Jordan Austin Davis
Email: jad022@ucsd.edu
Phone: 937-251-9251
Grad Year: 2020

Student Collaborators
Rajat Sharma, r8sharma@eng.ucsd.edu | Matthew Puckett, mwpucket@ucsd.edu | Andrew Grieco, agrieco@eng.ucsd.edu

Integrated optics, which confines and directs light in chip scale waveguides, has wide application in data center telecommunications. Typically data is encoded on optical carriers where each wavelength corresponds to a data channel. As systems scale additional laser sources, which are costly in power consumption, space, and stabilization, become essential to increase performance. We investigate two approaches to ease laser requirements via conversion processes in both space and wavelength. Space-division multiplexing (SDM) utilizes the multiple spatial modes of waveguides at a single wavelength to increase the number of available channels. Additional channels are created by exciting higher order spatial modes and encoding data onto these modes. Additionally we investigate enhancements of on chip source generation through second-harmonic generation (SHG) processes. SHG halves the carrier wavelength, allowing the creation of optical sources that are difficult to produce with conventional lasers. We demonstrate the enhancement of the conversion efficiency of second-harmonic signals through the application of electric fields to the waveguide.

Industry Application Area(s)
Electronics/Photonics | Internet, Networking, Systems | Materials

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