Department: Structural Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Ahmed-Waeil Elgamal

Primary Student
Name: Abdullah S E S E Almutairi
Email: asalmuta@ucsd.edu
Phone: 765-637-6277
Grad Year: 2018

From the earthquake engineering point of view, Highway Bridges are among the critical lifelines that receive much attention. Smooth operation of the Highway system after a major earthquake, facilitates the critical rescue and recovery efforts. Disruption of function can also result in substantial wide-scale economic consequences. In this context, the seismic response of bridge seismic response is being investigated from a system level perspective. The deck, columns, abutments, and foundation response mechanisms are integrated within a unified framework. Systematic evaluation of the global system response is conducted under a wide range of expected earthquake input shaking scenarios. For that purpose, calibrated computational models and representative site specific recorded ground motions are employed. Results of this study are presented, for a number of large bridges with different structural response characteristics, in terms of the bridge geometric configuration, spatial extent, and the underlying ground/foundation properties. Insights are drawn, along with recommendations for routine application of the developed state-of-the art analysis techniques.

Industry Application Area(s)
Civil/Structural Engineering

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