Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Tara Javidi

Primary Student
Name: Nancy Ronquillo
Email: nronquil@ucsd.edu
Phone: 650-817-5610
Grad Year: 2020

Consider a secondary user in a spectrum sensing cognitive radio system tasked with efficiently sensing a spectrum in order to opportunistically utilize empty frequency bands. Assuming that correct knowledge of the location of primary user occupied spectral frequency bands can be used to infer the location of spectral opportunities, spectrum sensing becomes a target detection problem, in which we search for primary user occupied frequency bands. We draw a connection between this problem, and the problem of target searching with noise. Specifically, we propose the approach of spectrum sensing via typical codebook encoding and decoding methods. We generalize a spectrum sensing model and offer a selection of specialized strategies and instances of their application. Additionally, we offer simulations for some of these strategies, and show how the codebook method is an efficient way to qualitatively compare strategies.

Industry Application Area(s)
Internet, Networking, Systems

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