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Class Notes

Class of the 1970s

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Date Submitted: 07/30/2006
Rob Schamberg, '78
Computer Science and Engineering
Superintendent, Black Oak Mine Unified School District

I have been Superintendent of the Black Oak Mine Unified School District since 2004. After a year spent programming computers, I have since spent 26 years as an educator. My wife Suzy and I live in Cool, CA and have two children, Zack (19) and Gabe (16). Zack is a communications major at UCSD!

Date Submitted: 07/20/2006
Peter Meisen, '75
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Can you feel the heat? The Global Energy Network Institute ( partnered with KLD Research & Analytics ( to launch the Global Climate 100 Index -- a specialty index designed to promote investment in public companies whose activities demonstrate the greatest potential for mitigating immediate and long-term causes of climate change.

Date Submitted: 11/08/2005
Jonathan Collins, '70
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Married Melissa this year and a son named Jasper was born on November 1, 2005.