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Class of the 1980s

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Chris Humphrey Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 03/15/2008
Chris Humphrey, '89
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Vice President of Innovation, Sperian

Chris is currently Vice President of Innovation at Sperian, a global leader in personal protective technologies based in Paris, France. Sperian develops a wide variety of products that include self-contained breathing apparatuses for firefighters, specialized hearing protection, communication equipment, sophisticated eye protection and gas detection devices. Chris' duties include technology scouting and working with Universities and Private labs.

"It's rewarding to work on technologies that protect and save people's lives", says Chris.

Chris graduated from UCSD in 1989 with a B.S. in Systems and Control Engineering and a B.A. in Theater. He has been happily married for the last 17 years and is very proud of his twin 16-year old boys, who are now sophomores in High School.

Date Submitted: 05/08/2006
Filippo Menczer, '89
Computer Science and Engineering
PhD, Indiana University

I received tenure in the Department of Computer Science and School of Informatics at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Doug Grose

Date Submitted: 11/06/2005
Doug Grose, '89
Structural Engineering
Engineer, Blue Origin

In August, 2005 I joined Blue Origin (a small, local Commercial Space Company), after 15 great years at Boeing working as an aircraft Structural Engineer. My wife Laurel is still a homemaker, keeping things sane for me and my fine boys Ben (16) and Sam (14). My main non-work related hobby is windsurfing, which I do down at "The Gorge" (Columbia River, Oregon) as much as possible, but never enough. We still live in Algona, Washington, 25 miles south of Seattle, WA.

Date Submitted: 07/25/2011
Pete Nguyen, '88
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bitwave Semiconductor

BSEE 1988 "I was a student of Dr. Jacobs. I've been working as an engineer at Bitwave Semiconductor company in MA. I support my team to configure and verify the softtransceiver chipset for 3G/4G technology. It is a kind of software defined radio (SDR) but it seems to be more advanced, e.g. download SDR for DECT,Wimax, LTE automatically anytime anywhere you go."

me and my son Click here to view a larger image
me and my son

Date Submitted: 07/02/2007
David Reiter, '88
Computer Science and Engineering
Sr. Software Engineer, Napster

I have been working for Napster for the last 5 years in charge of the serving infrastructure (downloads and streams) which serve millions of requests a month.

I have a son who will be turning 5 this August, and starting kindergarten.

Date Submitted: 09/06/2006
Mike Vallender, '88
Computer Science and Engineering
Accredited Home Lenders

I have been working for Accredited Home Lenders for about two years now supporting their business intelligence and data warehousing systems. I spend my free time with my six year old daughter and racing/riding my bicycle.

Date Submitted: 11/07/2005
Seth Goldblum, '88
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Head of Business Development, Senomyx, Inc.

I was recently named Head of Business Development at Senomyx, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of flavor enhnancers and taste modultors for the food and pharmaceutical industry. I am responsbile for all licensing and collaboration activities at the company.

 Chuck, Sandy and Remy Click here to view a larger image
Chuck, Sandy and Remy

Date Submitted: 07/27/2009
Chuck Eggers, '87
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Associate Patent Counsel, Qualcomm, Inc.

Chuck lives with his wife of 14 years, Sandy, and their 11 year old daughter, Remy, in Ocean Beach. Chuck began a transition into patent work in 2002, leading eventually to a JD from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2007. He is currently working at Qualcomm, Inc., as an Associate Patent Counsel.

Date Submitted: 05/29/2006
David Shanberg, '87
Computer Science and Engineering
CEO, Baker Pacific, Inc.

Shanberg runs Baker Pacific, a mergers & acquisitions and corporate development advisory firm. After graduating from UCSD, he received his MBA from Stanford and worked for Accenture, AT&T, and EarthLink. Dave lives in San Francisco with his wife Stefani, who is a intellectual property litigation partner.

Date Submitted: 05/29/2006
David Shanberg, '87
Computer Science and Engineering
Baker Pacific, Inc.

I run Baker Pacific, a mergers & acquisitions and corporate development advisory firm. After graduating from UCSD, I received MBA from Stanford and worked for Accenture, AT&T, and EarthLink. I live in San Francisco with my wife Stefani, who is a intellectual property litigation partner

Date Submitted: 05/09/2006
Renah Wolzinger, '87
Renzone Music, President

I am currently on Faculty at Golden West College in Huntington Beach teaching courses in Recording Engineering. I am also performing as a vocalist and clarinet player in a Klezmer/Yiddish band, and playing bass and lead vocals in a Rock band. As President of Renzone, I am producing CD's and DVD's and running Renzone Recording Studio. My girls are 11 and 13, and my husband Keith is flying to Hawaii as a captain for American Airlines and playing Trumpet in the bands.

Date Submitted: 11/07/2005
Paul Winkler, '87
Computer Science and Engineering
Lead Software Systems Engineer, MITRE

Currently a Lead Software Systems Engineer in embedded systems. Paul is part of the Information Technologies directorate within MITRE's Center for Air Force C2 Systems.

Jeannine Menger Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 03/14/2008
Jeannine Menger, '86
Computer Science and Engineering
Allergan Pharmaceuticals

In 1986, Jim Menger graduated from UCSD with a computer science degree and in 1979 with a literature degree. "UCSD carries great weight in the job market and my education prepared me well for my field." In 1995, Menger completed a sex change and took the name Jeannine. "I could not be happier or more complete. The UCSD degree really helped me through the tough times," she says. Jeannine Menger now works at Allergan Pharmaceuticals in Irvine and is in the band Working Class.

Celia Metz Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 12/17/2012
Celia Metz, '85
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Celia Metz retired in November from her position as the Director of Corporate Operations at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, the Navy's R&D Lab on Point Loma. She and her husband Terry (Muir '96) have relocated to beautiful Whidbey Island, WA.

Lan Wolfkind - Computer Science (Class of 1985) Click here to view a larger image
Lan Wolfkind - Computer Science (Class of 1985)

Date Submitted: 10/16/2010
Lan Wolfkind, '85 (maiden name Vo)
Computer Science and Engineering
CEO, Syndetic Global Solutions LLC

I am chief executive officer/founder of Syndetic Global Solutions LLC, an IT Services & Solutions company in San Diego. We're currently developing a risk management software solution to help businesses assess, manage, and communicate their risks to reduce cost and liability. Our target market is the renewable energy sector. We'd like an opportunity to network with UCSD and local businesses to bring this product to the market.

Date Submitted: 04/13/2010
Scott Hansen, '85
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Partner/Intellectual Property Attorney, Fulwider Patton LLP

Scott is a patent, trademark, and internet attorney. He works with inventors, celebrities and website developers. In 2009, Los Angeles Magazine listed Hansen as a "Super Lawyer" in intellectual property law. "UCSD is a fantastic university, and I'm lucky to have gone there," he said.

Scott was a student of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (AMES), which was renamed Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) in 1999.

Gregory Chapelle Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 04/08/2010
Gregory Chapelle, '85
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Principal Engineer, General Atomics

Chapelle just celebrated 5 years as the lead hardware engineer of the instrumentation, health, and predictive diagnostics for the next generation of Naval Aircraft Carrier landing system currently undergoing tests with Navair. This Advance Arresting Gear system will reduce the manpower for landing aircraft on the Ford class CVN78 carriers and provide a seamless synergy between equipment operation and maintenance. Chapelle works very closely with the HealthMAP (TM) software engineers to manage the difficult hardware/software/systems interface in order to create the most advanced and highest performing system possible. Chapelle is also a Scoutmaster with a San Diego Boy Scouts of America Troop that introduces boys to the outdoors and teaches leadership skills.

Dan holding his son Joshua's first ever fish, caught on Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach in July, 2007 Click here to view a larger image
Dan holding his son Joshua's first ever fish, caught on Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach in July, 2007

Date Submitted: 07/25/2007
Daniel Jacobson, '85
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Principal Investigator, San Diego Composites, Inc.

I have been with San Diego Composites - a small employee-owned aerospace company for over 2 years now. Our expertise includes design, analysis, test, systems integration, and manufacturing of aerospace composite structures.

I have been married for almost 14 years to Teri, and we have 2 boys - 7 year old Joshua and 19 month old Merrick. We live in Scripps Ranch.

Date Submitted: 07/27/2006
Huy Dang, '84
Computer Science and Engineering

My family has recently moved to Southern Orange County from Silicon Valley. We own and operate a business in Laguna Hills and live in Dana Point. With the near proximity to UCSD, I had several chances to visit the campus recently. I also hope that our two daughters will follow my footsteps to attend UCSD some day.

Date Submitted: 10/25/2011
Vincent Phillips, '83
Computer Science and Engineering
Chief Technology Officer, Copart

Running technology and products for largest on-line auto auction

Date Submitted: 05/25/2010
Michelle Gross, '83 (maiden name Gross)
Computer Science and Engineering
Technical Editor (freelance), Pacific MicroChip

Dan Kraiman (UCSD CSE 1980's MS) and I have been married for almost 15 years. Our most recent programming projects have been these three boys! I recently completed studies in Communications Disorders at CSU SM and at Maalot College in Baltimore. We are currently living in the DC area and San Diego. I would like to collect San Diego recollections of the 1988 Morris Worm. You can write to me via

Date Submitted: 05/01/2006
William Bruin, '83
Structural Engineering
HPA, Inc.

My wife (Moire), Moire (daughter, age 7), Ted (son, 5), and I are proud to announce the latest member to our family ... Michael James Bruin. Born on Dec. 6, 2005, 7 pounds and 11 ounces, Michael is a healthy and happy addition.

Date Submitted: 03/31/2006
Wayne Inman, '83
Chief of Professional Services, US Navy

Currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as the chief medical officer of the field hospital supporting U.S. and coalition forces in the Kuwait area of operation. My son, Brett, has been accepted to Jacobs SOE for Fall 2006. I expect to return to Oceanside CA in Fall 2006 to resume my orthopaedic surgery practice at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.

Date Submitted: 10/19/2006
Karen Tanida, '82 (maiden name Tanida)
Computer Science and Engineering
Co-founder, Vektrel

Tanida and husband Ted Barbusinski are co-founders of San Diego based Vektrel, a technical services company specializing in enterprise architecture and development, including Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Enterprise Portal Solutions, Information Architectures, and IT Security Solutions.

Mark Hayworth Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 02/10/2011
Mark Hayworth, '81
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr, The Procter & Gamble Company

Mark Hayworth (BS, Warren College 1976) is a Senior Scientist at The Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati Ohio doing digital image analysis for R&D.

Date Submitted: 06/04/2007
John Kirkpatrick, '81
Porfessor and Chairman, Universtiy of Florida college of Medicine, Jackson

John S. Kirkpatrick MS 1981 is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at the University of Florida, Jacksonville. He is chair of the Biomedical Engineering Committee of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He recently completed a term on the Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Devices Panel to the FDA where he also served as chair.

Mark Gordon

Date Submitted: 11/17/2006
Mark Gordon, '81

Gordon recently became vice president, corporate regulatory affairs, with Boston Scientific, Inc., and has relocated with his family from San Francisco to Boston. his wife Bhadra continues her marketing responsibilities at Network Appliance, Inc., while his daugher Sarah retains her passion for soccer and hopes to someday attend UCSD.

A happy moment in 2008 Click here to view a larger image
A happy moment in 2008

Date Submitted: 10/14/2008
Val Steven Schmidt, '80
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Principle Consultant, SAP

After living abroad (Denmark) for the past 24 years I have now returned to San Diego to work on the West Coast. Seeing how UCSD has grown in size and reputation makes me proud to be an alumni.