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Class of the 2000s

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Date Submitted: 10/23/2011
Matt Leshaw, '09
Structural Engineering

After working in the aerospace industry at San Diego Composites for a year after graduation, I have decided to return to school to pursue a medical degree. I recently sent out applications and am hoping to hear back regarding interviews sometime in January! Can't wait to wear my Jacobs School t-shirt on my first day of class.

Date Submitted: 03/20/2010
Jay Guan, '09
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Systems Engineer, TASC. Inc (former Northrop Grumman TASC)

Jay graduated with a bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering in June, 2009 and moved to the Washington DC metro area for a position in system engineering, where he provides System Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) program management support to the FAA in its NextGen TFM engineering endeavors.

Ryan Griswold Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 08/22/2011
Ryan Griswold, '08
Structural Engineering
Development Engineer, UCSD

I'm back at UCSD working in the MAE department. I work for professor Nemat-Nasser as a Development Engineer. We are working on a lot of exciting projects right now ranging from designing materials with controlled band structure to investigating shock wave mechanics and material response to shockwaves. I get to work alongside Jon Isaacs who is a fantastic experimentalist and has been generous in sharing his extensive knowledge with me. I am enjoying the work here and glad to be back on campus. When I am not working in the lab, I like to be climbing in the mountains or spending time with my two boys at the beach

Southern California from 95,000 feet up all for $300 Click here to view a larger image
Southern California from 95,000 feet up all for $300

Date Submitted: 02/13/2011
Neal Bloom, '08
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Flight Operations Engineer, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

I've been working as a performance/systems engineer for the Space Shuttle Main Engines. With NASA as my customer, I support their effort to take astronauts to space. I'm also training for the LA marathon, coming up in mid-March, followed by a 24 hour running relay from LA to San Diego. Come cheer us on at the finish line in Coronado on April 16th! I also recently sent a weather balloon up to 95,000 feet with fellow UCSD alumni, Adam Markowitz. We took pictures every 5 seconds and were able to recover our payload by using a GPS-enabled phone. Attached is a picture from our experiment.

Date Submitted: 03/09/2010
Barry Ripley, '08
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Engineering Staff, Northrop Grumman Space Technology

Barry is finishing up graduate school at UCLA in Systems Engineering, working on composite hardware design and manufacturing for various military communication satellites.

 Taking a break from sunny San Diego Click here to view a larger image
Taking a break from sunny San Diego

Date Submitted: 03/04/2010
Elaine Liu, '08
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Environmental Control System Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Elaine is working on the Global Hawk UAV program at Northrop Grumman since graduation. It's been a wonderful experience participating in flight tests and engineering problem solving. Currently, she's working on her M.S. in Aerospace Engineering part-time at USC. She plans to do more traveling in the near future.

Roman Kononov Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 11/03/2009
Roman Kononov, '08
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Roman joined Cisco approximately a year before graduation and he has been with the company ever since. "I love ever moment of it," he says, and is part of the Physical Security Business Unit of the Emerging Technology Group. At Cisco, he works on "bleeding-edge" technologies such as new high-definition (1080p) surveillance camera systems.

Date Submitted: 07/27/2009
Adam Markowitz, '08
Structural Engineering
Engineer, Materials/Structures, Pratt & Whitney, Rocketdyne

I am performing structural analyses on various rocket engine components, including the Space Shuttle Main Engine's Main Combustion Chamber and the gas generator on NASA's new upper stage J-2X Engine that will be used in the Constellation Program aboard the Ares Rockets.

Date Submitted: 04/21/2010
Dan Curcio, '07
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ASIC Product Test Engineer, Qualcomm

I have spent the last two and a half years working at Qualcomm. My group does testing of mobile phone ASIC chipsets. My role is to automate and troubleshoot testing at the system level. I have learned so much since I have started working here. Working at Qualcomm is great! I my spare time I also enjoy photography and hiking.

Date Submitted: 03/04/2010
Daniel Whisler, '07
Structural Engineering
Grad student, UCSD Structural Engineering

Daniel graduated in 2007 with his B.S. in structural engineering and got accepted into the M.S./B.S. program. He spent quite a bit of time being a T.A.-- 6 quarters, plus 1 summer session to be exact, and thoroughly enjoyed helping future engineers find their path. He completed his M.S. in 2009 in low velocity, blunt impact composite research for the FAA and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And with an exciting investigation in vehicle armor design, he looks forward to a PhD in the near future! When not in the lab, you can usually find him traveling with his family or working on cars in the garage.

Date Submitted: 09/04/2009
Michele Barbato, '07
Structural Engineering
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University and A&M College

Dr. Michele Barbato, assistant professor in structures and mechanics of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Louisiana State university and A&M College, with co-authors Drs. Alessandro Zona and Joel P. Conte, received the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2009 Moisseiff Award for the paper "Nonlinear Seismic Response Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Frames", (Journal of Structural Engineering ASCE, 134(6):986-997, June 2008), as an "important contribution to the knowledge of the dynamic response of composite steel-concrete structures." The Moisseiff Award is one of the highest profession-wide recognition of a paper of merit published by ASCE "dealing with the broad field of structural engineering including applied mechanics, theoretical analysis or constructive improvement of engineering structures of any structural material." The award was established in 1947 in recognition of the accomplishments of Leon S. Moisseiff, M. ASCE, a notable contributor to the science and art of structural engineering. Barbato was presented the award at the Structures Congress 2009 in Austin, TX.

Date Submitted: 09/12/2007
aziz safari, '07
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
project engineer, ametek aerospace

I am proud to be associated with UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering.

Arwa Kassamali Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 09/06/2011
Arwa Kassamali, '06
R&D Systems Integration Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Over the past five years, I have worked with multiple divisions in projects related to manufacturing, quality, operations, R&D,and supply chain. I am currently on a project to design enhancements to the Diagnostics Instruments. I am currently pursuing my Executive MBA.

Fontaine Shu Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 08/03/2011
Fontaine Shu, '06
Computer Science and Engineering
Senior Web Developer, SweetLabs, Inc.

I started working with this cool startup based in Downtown San Diego called SweetLabs this past March and I create HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript web applications for our Pokki platform. Pokki just recently launched in Vegas at the Future of Web Apps conference and so far it's gotten a lot of good press and our development community is growing!

ricardo rubalcava Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 07/24/2011
ricardo rubalcava, '06
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Environmental Coordinator, BAE Systems

During the past five years I have worked exclusively in the environmental field. Major Projects I have managed include industrial facility closures, facility layout design, hydrocarbon remediation and developing an environmental management system. This past July my wife Donna gave birth to our first child, Maceo. When it comes time for him to choose which college to attend I hope he makes the smart choice and selects UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. His first step to a bright future.

At the Rheinfalls outside of Zurich, Switzerland Click here to view a larger image
At the Rheinfalls outside of Zurich, Switzerland

Date Submitted: 02/02/2011
Tristan Hudson, '06
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Field Applications Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor

Over the past five years, I've worked to establish myself in the semiconductor industry doing technical applications work. I'm now supporting all of the technical operations in the US for a very fast-growing company based in Germany. We work with the biggest customers in the portable electronics industry and are constantly putting out new products employing cutting-edge power technology. My job is to make our parts work in people's systems, so I get to see all of the cool stuff before it comes out. Next time you pick up an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Blackberry, you can feel proud that a fellow UCSD alum had a hand in bringing all of these together!

Date Submitted: 04/18/2007
JuneCarlo Magpantay, '06
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Quality Engineer II, Mitchell International

I had been working as an intern for the past 6 months at Mitchell International, doing manual software testing. Recently, I was hired full time and my responsibility now is to write automated scripts for our test plans.

Waterfall in a rainforest on our St. Lucian Vacation.  September 2006 Waterfall in a rainforest on our St. Lucian Vacation. September 2006

Date Submitted: 12/14/2006
John 'Jack' Thomas Cale Davis, '06
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineer MSL Program, NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

I graduated from UCSD with a BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2005. I was reaccepted to UCSD for the MS program which I have just completed this quarter (fall 06), also in Aerospace Engineering. I have accepted a job working for NASA at their JPL location in Pasadena as a mechanical design engineer, and I will be working on the upcoming MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) rover which will be launched to Mars in 2009. My specific job is the design of Instrumentation and Structures in the rovers' search for water and past signs of life. It's a very awesome time and I am also engaged with plans to marry in summer 2007. Just wanted to say thank you to UCSD and all it has done for me.

Date Submitted: 11/22/2006
Natalie Hurlen, '06 (maiden name Duarte)
Engineer, Exponent

Natalie Duarte (Bioengineering) and her husband Erik Hurlen (Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering) successfully defended their Ph.D. theses and are looking forward to their new jobs in Phoenix, AZ.

Date Submitted: 09/12/2006
Sze Yinn Wong, '06
Abbott Vascular

Working life rocks!

Date Submitted: 05/22/2006
Amy Hsieh, '06

I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioengineering at UCSD.

Date Submitted: 05/22/2006
Arwa Kassamali, '06
Lab Manager, UCSD Pediatric Nephrology

I'll be graduating in 2006, and have an internship following in Sydney, Australia with a biotech company. I'm looking forward to the abroad experience and adventure. I plan on coming back and working for a pharmaceutical biotech company.

Date Submitted: 10/02/2015
Yik-Jong Lam, '05
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Managing Member, Sterilization & Technologies Solutions LLC

Cofounder of Sterilization & Technologies Solutions LLC, which provides engineering, maintenance, and consulting services to the E-Beam / X-Ray irradiation industries.

Date Submitted: 01/23/2015
Christopher Dominas, '05
Structural Engineering
Associate, KPFF Consulting Engineers

I have been with KPFF since graduation (close to 10 years now), and have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects and develop some great relationships. I have both a PE and SE and am currently working on finishing an MBA through Washington State University. I have recently started on my most challenging project so far--fatherhood.

A visit to my motherland Cambodia Click here to view a larger image
A visit to my motherland Cambodia

Date Submitted: 01/12/2012
William Sam Hin, '05
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sales Engineering Mgr, LC&D, An Acuity Brands Co

Since graduating in '05, I've been busy working for Lighting Control & Design, a leading manufacturer of energy management and lighting control systems for a sustainable world. Numerous UCSD buildings and facilities are controlled by our lighting systems. I sure miss America's Finest Campus--will visit soon. Proud to be a Triton!

Date Submitted: 02/20/2011
Elaine Ferraro, '05 (maiden name Sumampong)
Structural Engineering
Sales Coordinator, QIAGEN

I am working with a BioTech Company and have a side business in real estate.

Date Submitted: 10/27/2009
Jessica Godinho, '05
Structural Engineering
Project Engineer, Hinman Consulting Engineers

Jessica Godinho graduated with a Masters degree in Earthquake Engineering from University of Pavia, ROSE School, Italy and University of Patras, Greece under the MEEES program in 2007. Since then, she has been working as a project engineer at Hinman Consulting Engineers in San Francisco, CA, specializing in blast resistant design and analysis of structures.

 Yan Zheng - Class of '05 Click here to view a larger image
Yan Zheng - Class of '05

Date Submitted: 07/14/2008
Yan Zheng, '05
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Graduate Student, UC Santa Barbara

Yan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in photonics at UCSB. Also, as the program director of Leadership in Team Engineering (LITE), he works to provide students the opportunity to design solutions for the community.

LITE is "a program designed similar to TIES at UCSD", says Yan. More on LITE can be found at

Steven Mintz Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 05/25/2008
Steven Mintz, '05
Structural Engineering
Technical Consultant, Autodesk

After two years as a Staff Engineer, Steven decided to change up his career. He now works for Autodesk as a Technical Consultant to Structural Engineers across the U.S. and the World. His main focus is to advise engineers on how they can incorporate the emerging BIM technologies to improve designs and facilitate unique buildings.

Steven says, "[I am] impressed with the progress of the SCSE chapter - congratulations to all of you!"

Date Submitted: 04/16/2008
Matt Kyler, '05
Structural Engineering
Staff Engineer, PARADIGM SE

Matt has been living and working in SF for over a year now and he really enjoys it.

Business is booming up there.

Matt says, "all of those looking for jobs, check us out!"

Date Submitted: 04/25/2007
Cailyn Le, '05 (maiden name Mai)
Structural Engineering
Principal Assistant Structure Representative, Caltrans

I have been working with the Office of Structure Construction in the Bridge Department at Caltrans since graduation. It is a little bit different than if I had worked for a design company, but I like it. I like it because I have options, I have the best of both worlds - the design aspect in the office and seeing your bridge being constructed out in the field.

Date Submitted: 01/11/2007
Shengpin Hsieh, '05
Scientist, Applied Biosystems

Currently Working at Applied Biosystems as a Manufacturing Quality Control scientist on Enzyme manufacturing.

Date Submitted: 07/25/2006
Kevin Chang, '05
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Engineer, Fujitsu Network Communications

I am working as a software engineer at a network communications company in Sunnyvale. My team is developing network management and planning tools used by broadband service providers.

Brian Uiga

Date Submitted: 07/24/2006
Brian Uiga, '05
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

I work with a small team of multi-disciplinary engineers designing cine film equipment for motion picture studios at Lasergraphics in Irvine, California. I will soon marry the woman I met on television at UCSD and have "almost" finished hot-rodding the volkswagen I stole from Disney Studios.

Date Submitted: 06/12/2006
Alejandro Pena, '05
Structural Engineering

I am getting ready to start grad school in the fall of 2006 at Stanford for my M.S. in Structural Engineering.

Date Submitted: 05/03/2006
Yik-Jong Lam, '05
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineer 1, L-3 Pulse Sciences

I'm now traveling the world as a field service engineer for L-3 Pulse Sciences. I do maintenance and emergency service on facilities that process medical products and/or food for sterilization.

Date Submitted: 04/28/2006
Sao Kun Ao Ieong, '05
Research Associate, Roche Palo Alto

I am currently working as a research associate at Roche Palo Alto working on enzyme kinetics/characterization and drug potency screening.

Date Submitted: 04/12/2006
Franklin Yang, '05
Electrical and Computer Engineering

I'm working at a major wireless tech company, and learning wireless communication methods and assembly language! I'm learning a lot!!

Date Submitted: 02/28/2006
Andrea Martinez, '05
Structural Engineering

I work for DeBerry Engineering where I design residential buildings.

Date Submitted: 12/30/2005
Ezequiel Montanez, '05
Structural Engineering
Jr. Structural Engineer, Metropolitan Water District

On Dec. 12, 2005, I was offered a full time position as a Jr. Structural Engineer with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. I will be working with the Pipeline & Facilities group assisting with substructure reviews. Also in July, 2006 my wife is expecting our second child.

Date Submitted: 11/13/2005
David Breslauer, '05

I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioengineering in the UCSF/UC Berkeley Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering. I am developing microfluidic devices for quantitative cell and systems biology experimentation.

Date Submitted: 06/06/2012
Doug Hofmann, '04
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Engineering & Science Directorate, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institut

I received my Ph.D. in Materials Science from Caltech in 2008. I worked in industry after I graduated and in 2010, I was hired at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as the Section Technologist for Mechanical Fabrication. I founded the new Metallurgy Facility at JPL in 2012. I am a Lecturer and Visiting Associate at Caltech and I co-advise 4 Caltech graduate students in Materials Science and Applied Physics.

Palos Verdes, before our engagement party Click here to view a larger image
Palos Verdes, before our engagement party

Date Submitted: 09/15/2010
Mahmoud Faghihi, '04
Structural Engineering
Project Engineer, Englekirk Companies

Eventhough 2010 did not bring the anticipated economic recovery, it was still a great year. I got engaged to beautiful Nellie A. and will be getting married next year. I've been busy with multiple projects under construction and several hotels and high rises under conceptual design phase. One of the long anticipated and exciting projects that I'm proud to have been a part of, Santa Monica Place Mall, finally opened to the public on Aug 2010. I'm also proud to be involved in design of the 5 story concrete building on the shake table at the Englekirk Structural Engineering Center in San Diego and work along with my past professor in UCSD.

Date Submitted: 09/05/2008
Gary Lac, '04
Computer Science and Engineering
Technical Project Lead/Manager, Cogent Systems.

Gary married his girlfriend, whom he met at UCSD! They got married this October!

Date Submitted: 07/23/2008
Phanat Hean, '04
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Scientist, PETNET Solutions, Inc.

Phanat works with radiopharmaceuticals... pretty soon he "will be bulletproof, gain telekinetic powers, be able to levitate or glow in the dark - not so good when sitting in a movie theater".

June 2004 Graduation - My parents and me Click here to view a larger image
June 2004 Graduation - My parents and me

Date Submitted: 05/20/2007
William L. Hui, '04
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Design Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corp.

In the last 2 years and 4 months, I have been working on the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) program at Northrop Grumman Corp. (NGC) in El Segundo. My job is to convert fuel and electrical schematics into 3D models. I am also responsible in coordinating with our partners/counterparts Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. In addition, I am currently working on a master's degree in Product Development Systems from USC as a part time graduate student.

Date Submitted: 10/19/2006
Mahmoud Faghihi, '04
Structural Engineering
Design Engineer, Englekirk Companies

Working on a few high rise buildings in los angeles area.

Date Submitted: 09/20/2006
Ryan Sit, '04
Computer Science and Engineering

I have launched my own company, Drop Shots (, an online subscription-based service for family and friends to share and comment on personal digital media such as photos and videos.

Date Submitted: 08/14/2006
Emiko Miyamoto, '04
Clinical Research Coordinator, Stanford University School of Medicine

I received M.S. Bioengineering from Stanford in March '06, and I'm working at Stanford Medical School in Neonatology as Clinical Research Coordinator.

Date Submitted: 07/28/2006
Ezequiel Montanez, '04
Structural Engineering
Metropolitan Water District

My wife Patricia and I are proud to announce the arrival of our second child, a healthy baby boy weighing 8 lbs-3oz and measuring 20-inches. Our boy's name is Ezequiel Paul. Our daughter Julia is now enjoying her new role as the big sister.

Date Submitted: 06/04/2006
Jay Joseph, '04

I am currently working as an engineer in Boston Scientific at the Electrophysiology division in San Jose. I am also attending San Jose State University part time, working on a Masters in Engineering Management.

Date Submitted: 04/24/2006
Eric Kelley, '04
Structural Engineering
P.E., Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.

Since leaving UCSD in 2004, I've worked as a bridge design engineer in California, Oregon and Washington. Currently, our design team is beginning the design of a new bascule bridge, a type of moveable bridge, in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Date Submitted: 03/16/2006
Ryan Herrell, '04
Structural Engineering
Regional Manager, Fibrwrap Construction, Inc.

While finishing my undergraduate work at UCSD, I began working for Fyfe Co. a FRP/Composites manufacturer in San Diego. Fyfe Co. supplies much of the materials used in composites testing at UCSD. At Fyfe Co., I performed engineering design of composites to help meet the needs of engineers in California, Nevada, and Arizona. At the completion of 2004 I was offered to assume the position of Regional Manager for the Southern California office of Fibrwrap Construction (Fyfe Co. certified contracting arm). Fibrwrap Construction is a design build company that focuses itself on being a turn key company for concrete restorations/strengthening, and seismic rehabilitation. I now oversee all projects in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona, from the initial development, design, contracting, construction, and conclusion. Combining my engineering knowledge with business experience has helped me to be able to solve engineering problems that could not be solved or are uneconomical using conventional construction methods.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2012
Kiyoharu Miyagishima, '03
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Staff Scientist, National Institute of Health

Ph.D. (2010) Systems Biology and Disease, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. Current research focused on investigating the retinal pathways involved in "blue cone" mediated color vision and in characterizing retinal pigment epithelium transplants for potential to restore vision.

Edan, Neta and Amit Click here to view a larger image
Edan, Neta and Amit

Date Submitted: 06/28/2012
Edan Wernik, '03
Family Physician, Kaiser Permanente

I'm am a family physician practicing with Kaiser Permanente in San Jose. I'm married to Neta Retter (Electrical Engineering 2005) who works as a hardware designer for Broadcom. In December 2011 we welcomed to our family our first child, a beautiful baby boy by the name of Amit.

State of Texas Flag Click here to view a larger image
State of Texas Flag

Date Submitted: 01/15/2012
Joshua Hu, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
General Manager, Thai Grill

I'm now the General Manager of Thai Grill restaurant in Floresville, Texas. We serve authentic Thai/Laos/Chinese/Vietnamese dishes to our customers in South San Antonio.

Jennie Lou de Quinto, Computer Engineering 2003 Click here to view a larger image
Jennie Lou de Quinto, Computer Engineering 2003

Date Submitted: 07/14/2008
Jennie Lou de Quinto, '03
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Senior Product Development Engineer, Intel Corporation

Jennie went to U.S.C. for grad school and got 3 Master of Science degrees: Electrical Engineering (Dec. '04), Engineering Management (May '05) and Biomedical Engineering (Dec. '06). She has been working at Intel in Santa Clara as a product development engineer for nearly 3 years; she is currently working on their newest Xeon server microprocessors.

She lives in San Jose, CA.

Date Submitted: 04/09/2007
Casey Weber, '03
Structural Engineering
Associate Engineer, DMJM Harris

Casey has been working at DMJM Harris for almost three years now and has worked on various highway bridge and marine projects. He enjoys working with fellow UCSD alums Kosal Krishnan and Limin He. He also recently acquired his PE license.

Date Submitted: 12/20/2006
Monica Lozano, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD Candidate, UC Davis

I am currently a graduate student at UC Davis in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. I obtained an MS in Chemical Engineering in June 2005 and advanced to candidacy in Oct. 2005. I married Diego Arbelaez, a UCSD '03 alumn as well, on July 22, 2005.

Diego Arbelaez

Date Submitted: 12/20/2006
Diego Arbelaez, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley

I am currently a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I obtained an MS in Mechanical Engineering and advanced to candidacy in May 2006. I married Monica Lozano on Jul 22, 2005.

Date Submitted: 10/26/2006
Cathy Ly, '03
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineer, Pacific Gas & Electric

I'm currently working for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. out of San Francisco as one of their civil engineers. I'm also pursuing a master's degree in civil engineering from Norwich University.

Date Submitted: 09/12/2006
Jessica Polar, '03
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Juniper Networks

I received my Master's degree in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University in 2005. I am now working at Juniper Networks in Massachusetts.

Date Submitted: 05/29/2006
Mansi Shah, '03
Computer Science and Engineering
Associate, Howrey, LLP

Graduated from the George Washington University Law School as a juris doctorate, and will begin practicing as an attorney in Irvine this fall.

Date Submitted: 04/17/2006
Joshua Hu, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Sr. QA Engineer, Raytheon

I recently moved to the El Segundo area where I am a Senior QA Engineer for Raytheon.

Date Submitted: 06/30/2012
Aaron Wang, '02
Resident, Johns Hopkins Hospital

After undergrad at UCSD and then med school at Stanford, I'm now starting ophthalmology residency at Johns Hopkins' Wilmer Eye Institute for the next three years (finish June 2015). I got married to a med school classmate (Vi) and now a proud father of a 4 month old baby boy, Aaden!

Aaron Wang Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 11/18/2007
Aaron Wang, '02

After earning a Bioengineering degree at UCSD in 2002, Wang went on to Stanford for dual MD/Ph.D. degrees. He will finish his Ph.D. in BioE in about a year (thesis: Ultrasound detection/treatment of internal bleeding) and then his MD in two more. Wang is pictured with his parents and his sister Tina Wang and brother-in-law Michael Houston who are in Cupertino (both also Jacobs School alumni, pictured last issue).

Date Submitted: 02/12/2007
Jack Roan, '02
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Senior Applications Engineer - RFIC, Agilent Technologies

My wife Maureen and I (married in August 2003) have returned to San Diego after living in the San Jose Bay Area for several years. I am now employed by Agilent Technologies as a Senior Applications Engineer for RFIC. They acquired Xpedion Design Systems in August 2006, where I have worked since 2003. In 2005 I also started my own company designing and building custom vacuum tube amplifiers for professional and touring musicians (

Date Submitted: 08/12/2006
Aaron Wang, '02
Structural Engineering

I'm half way through the M.D./Ph.D. program at Stanford University. Currently, I'm preparing for my Bioengineering Ph.D. qualifications exam. After which, I will dive into my Ph.D. thesis (in medical ultrasound imaging)and then finish up medical school.

Date Submitted: 04/29/2006
Brandon Leong, '02
Computer Science and Engineering
Systems Engineer, Radiance Technologies, Inc.

I am currently working as a systems engineer at a startup, Radiance Techologies, Inc. and beginning my career in Real Estate.

Date Submitted: 03/16/2006
Cole McDaniel, '02
Structural Engineering
Assistant Professor, Architectural Engineering, CalPoly San Luis Obispo

Recently became an Assistant Professor in the Architectural Engineering Department at CalPoly San Luis Obispo after spending three years as an Assistant Professor at Washington State University.

Date Submitted: 03/01/2006
Chris Stearns, '02
Structural Engineering
Professional Engineer, MKA

Designing high-rise buildings all over the country for a great company in Seattle. I make frequent visits to San Diego.

Date Submitted: 11/26/2005
Ryan Smith, '02
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineer, Hewlett-Packard

HP employee for four years, currently designing ME parts for All In One ink jet printing devices. Specifically related to paper feeding and scanning. Married in September, 2005.

Date Submitted: 11/18/2005
Aaron Wang, '02

Now in my 4rth year of MD/PhD program at Stanford University. Just obtained my MS degree in Bioengineering and am working on my PhD thesis which will be on using 3D ultrasound to detect and locate vascular bleeds/trauma, and also on improving the visualization of 3D ultrasound.

Date Submitted: 11/11/2005
A.J. Hubner, '02
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Engineer, Raytheon Company

Working for Raytheon in San Diego. Enjoying the sunshine and getting out skiing as often as possible.

Date Submitted: 10/27/2005
Shawn Kiggins, '02
Structural Engineering

I'm currently working as an engineer/architect for a small studio building custom houses in Santa Monica, CA.

Date Submitted: 06/29/2012
Michael Houston, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Fellow, AMD

I've been at AMD for 5 years working on parallel architectures and programming models. I was the technical lead for OpenCL at AMD and then for HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture). I am now Chief Architect for one of AMD's processor programs. I'm married to Tina Wang (who I met at UCSD in the CS program) with 2 children, 1 & 3.

Date Submitted: 06/29/2012
Tina Wang, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Associate, Haverstock & Owens LLP

I'm currently an attorney specializing in intellectual property. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two young children.

My wedding with Jennifer Chen, '05 Click here to view a larger image
My wedding with Jennifer Chen, '05

Date Submitted: 08/15/2011
Matthew Moore, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Co-Founder & CTO, CrowdMob Inc.

Closed an angel & venture round for our new company called CrowdMob Inc. We're bringing real-time redemption, virality, and loyalty to the local deal word! We're looking for great hires too!

Mihri Ozkan Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 07/01/2008
Mihri Ozkan, '01
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor, University of California, Riverside

Mihri's work on "Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices" has been selected for presentation at the '2008 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium' organized by the National Academy of Engineering.

The 2 and 1/2-day event will bring together 82 of the nation's brightest young engineers, ages 30 to 45, who are performing exceptional engineering research and technical work in a variety of disciplines.

Only 15 engineers nationwide have been invited to speak at the event.

Date Submitted: 11/17/2007
Tina Wang, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Attorney, Haverstock and Owens LLP

I took the CA July 2007 Bar Exam. Yesterday, I found out that I passed! I am now officially an attorney. Now, I'm gearing up to take the Patent Bar.

Date Submitted: 11/17/2007
Michael Houston, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Stanford University

I completed my PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. I am now a chip architect at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Date Submitted: 09/09/2007
Stephen Scheck, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Engineer, Silver Spring Networks

Steve Scheck recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and accepted a position as Software Engineer at Silver Spring Networks, where he is helping to develop a standards-based platform extending the reach of the Internet to the so-called last mile of the energy grid.

Date Submitted: 05/28/2007
Tina Wang, '01
Computer Science and Engineering

Graduated from law school in 2007. Currently preparing for the July 2007 Bar Exam. Will be celebrating 1 year wedding anniversary with fellow USCD alumni Michael Houston in August.

Date Submitted: 05/28/2007
Michael Houston, '01
Computer Science and Engineering

Currently finishing up my Ph.D. at Stanford University in Computer Science. Will be celebrating 1 year wedding anniversary with fellow UCSD classmate Tina Wang in August.

Judy Alvarez-Gallardo Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 05/21/2007
Judy Alvarez-Gallardo, '01
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Senior Design Engineer, ST Microelectronics, Inc.

I've been working as a Senior Design Engineer at ST Microelectronics, Inc for the past 10 years. I am currently working in the Data Storage Division group. My husband, Victor Gallardo, is also a UCSD Jacobs School alumnus (B.S., Computer Science 1999) and working as a Staff Engineer at AMCC in San Diego. We are the proud parents of a baby boy, Victor Milan...future UCSD Alumnus! He was born on March 13, 2007.

Date Submitted: 09/29/2006
Michael Ballinger, '01
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Senior Engineer, Qualcomm

I am now a Senior Engineer at Qualcomm and design high-speed mixed-signal circuit boards. My wife, Ling, and I just welcomed our first child, Jason, on August 23, 2006.

Date Submitted: 08/11/2006
Tina Wang, '01
Computer Science and Engineering

Mike Houston, Marshall '01, and I, Muir '01, are getting married on August 26, 2006 at the Stanford Memorial Church! We met in CS20. Thanks, UCSD, for introducing us!

Date Submitted: 08/04/2006
Greg Tengan, '01
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Eaton Aerospace

I am a Senior Level Mechanical Design Engineer working on hydraulic components for new military programs. Some of the programs I am working on are F-22, JSF, and the US101 (Presidential Helicopter). I currently have a Professional Engineering license in Mechanical Engineering and with it I plan on writing a reference book for young engineers and teaching in my spare time. I'm planning to get a PE license in Control Systems in the future so that one day I can do some consulting on my own. Starting this coming Fall school year, I plan on starting a college scholarship fund for future engineers.

Date Submitted: 03/06/2006
Maria Martinez-Rodrigo, '01
Structural Engineering
Associate Professor, University Jaume I.

I'm back to Spain. I got a position as associate professor at the Mechanical Engineering and Construction Department of my hometown University. I'm finishing my PhD Thesis which deals with the reduction of resonant vibrations in high speed railway bridges by means of passive energy dissipation devices.

Date Submitted: 02/14/2006
James Gitre, '01
Electrical and Computer Engineering
RF Design Engineer, Motorola

I am currently working in the mobile devices division on new platforms for communications.

Date Submitted: 11/30/2005
Jenny Gu, '01
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
System Project Engineer, Honeywell

I moved down to Los Angeles to start working on a new project at Honeywell in May of 2005.

Tina Wang Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 11/18/2005
Tina Wang, '01
Computer Science and Engineering

After graduating from UCSD with a BS in Computer Science, I obtained a MS in Computer Engineering. Currently, I am a 2nd year student in law school, focusing in intellectual property.

Date Submitted: 10/28/2005
Wei-Chih Chen, '01
Structural Engineering
Project Engineer, Englekirk & Sabol Consulting Structural Engineers

I am a licensed Civil Engineer at the state of California. Currently managing many different types of projects including both retail and residential. I was the project engineer for the recently completed Simi Valley Town Center Mall at Simi Valley.

Date Submitted: 08/24/2007
Stephen Hawley, '00
Graduate Student, University of Washington

Just married Michelle Entezari (class of 2002) August 10th, 2007 in San Diego.

Mya, Nadav and Myself Click here to view a larger image
Mya, Nadav and Myself

Date Submitted: 05/26/2007
Michael Rosett, '00
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Development Manager, Yahoo!

After graduating from UCSD in 2000 with a B.S in Computer Science, I moved to San Jose to work for IBM as a Software Engineer for DB2 Everyplace (an enterprise mobile database synchronization application). While living in San Jose I married my high school sweetheart and fellow UCSD alumna, Mya Rosett. We are coming upon our 6th wedding anniversary this July 1. Since, we have been blessed with the sweetest little son, Nadav who recently turned 2 years old. I have also recently completed my M.S. in Software Engineering form Carnegie Mellon University and moved to Los Angeles to work for Yahoo! Search Marketing. I began at Yahoo! as a Senior Software Engineering in 2005 working on "Project Panama" (Yahoo!'s latest product aimed to gain back market share from Google) and have since been promoted to Software Engineering Manager.

Date Submitted: 08/18/2006
Kirill Novitchenko, '00
Computer Science and Engineering
ElGraph Design Group, Inc.

In 2005 I received MSBA from San Francisco State University with emphasis on E-commerce. I Founded a company called ElGraph Design Group, Inc. that designs and develops advanced web sites specializing in back-end programming. The company enjoyed fast growth and counts United Nations among its clients. We are planning to open an office in Europe next year.

Date Submitted: 03/27/2006
Rob Fahler, '00
Electrical and Computer Engineering
DSP Engineer, Argon ST

Began working with Argon ST in November in a DSP Engineer capacity. Currently performing FPGA design using DSP techniques and C programming in a DSP platform.

Date Submitted: 03/02/2006
Jorge Rivera, '00
Structural Engineering
Nabih Youssef & Assoc.

Six years of structural design in Los Angeles firm. Currently on a rat race break. Going on a second year at the Rose School in Pavia, Italy for a PhD in Earhquake Engineering. Research collaboration with Univ of Arizona, UCSD, and Lehigh Univ. Traveling about Europe.

Date Submitted: 07/05/2005
Henry Lin, '00

I earned Ph.D. in 2005 in the bioengineering program at Rice University. I am now working at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA as a process development scientist.