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Class Notes

Class of 2003

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Date Submitted: 11/10/2012
Kiyoharu Miyagishima, '03
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Staff Scientist, National Institute of Health

Ph.D. (2010) Systems Biology and Disease, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. Current research focused on investigating the retinal pathways involved in "blue cone" mediated color vision and in characterizing retinal pigment epithelium transplants for potential to restore vision.

Edan, Neta and Amit Click here to view a larger image
Edan, Neta and Amit

Date Submitted: 06/28/2012
Edan Wernik, '03
Family Physician, Kaiser Permanente

I'm am a family physician practicing with Kaiser Permanente in San Jose. I'm married to Neta Retter (Electrical Engineering 2005) who works as a hardware designer for Broadcom. In December 2011 we welcomed to our family our first child, a beautiful baby boy by the name of Amit.

State of Texas Flag Click here to view a larger image
State of Texas Flag

Date Submitted: 01/15/2012
Joshua Hu, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
General Manager, Thai Grill

I'm now the General Manager of Thai Grill restaurant in Floresville, Texas. We serve authentic Thai/Laos/Chinese/Vietnamese dishes to our customers in South San Antonio.

Jennie de Quinto Dao, Computer Engineering 2003 Click here to view a larger image
Jennie de Quinto Dao, Computer Engineering 2003

Date Submitted: 07/14/2008
Jennie Lou Dao, '03 (maiden name de Quinto)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Senior Product Development Engineer, Intel Corporation

Jennie went to U.S.C. for grad school and got 3 Master of Science degrees: Electrical Engineering (Dec. '04), Engineering Management (May '05) and Biomedical Engineering (Dec. '06). She has been working at Intel in Santa Clara as a product development engineer for nearly 3 years; she is currently working on their newest Xeon server microprocessors.

Jennie married last Nov. ('07) to Kevin Dao (also a UC San Diego alum, Management Science '03). They live in San Jose, CA.

Date Submitted: 04/09/2007
Casey Weber, '03
Structural Engineering
Associate Engineer, DMJM Harris

Casey has been working at DMJM Harris for almost three years now and has worked on various highway bridge and marine projects. He enjoys working with fellow UCSD alums Kosal Krishnan and Limin He. He also recently acquired his PE license.

Date Submitted: 12/20/2006
Monica Lozano, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD Candidate, UC Davis

I am currently a graduate student at UC Davis in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. I obtained an MS in Chemical Engineering in June 2005 and advanced to candidacy in Oct. 2005. I married Diego Arbelaez, a UCSD '03 alumn as well, on July 22, 2005.

Diego Arbelaez

Date Submitted: 12/20/2006
Diego Arbelaez, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley

I am currently a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I obtained an MS in Mechanical Engineering and advanced to candidacy in May 2006. I married Monica Lozano on Jul 22, 2005.

Date Submitted: 10/26/2006
Cathy Ly, '03
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineer, Pacific Gas & Electric

I'm currently working for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. out of San Francisco as one of their civil engineers. I'm also pursuing a master's degree in civil engineering from Norwich University.

Date Submitted: 09/12/2006
Jessica Polar, '03
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Juniper Networks

I received my Master's degree in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University in 2005. I am now working at Juniper Networks in Massachusetts.

Date Submitted: 05/29/2006
Mansi Shah, '03
Computer Science and Engineering
Associate, Howrey, LLP

Graduated from the George Washington University Law School as a juris doctorate, and will begin practicing as an attorney in Irvine this fall.

Date Submitted: 04/17/2006
Joshua Hu, '03
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Sr. QA Engineer, Raytheon

I recently moved to the El Segundo area where I am a Senior QA Engineer for Raytheon.