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Class Notes

Class of 2006

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Arwa Kassamali Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 09/06/2011
Arwa Kassamali, '06
R&D Systems Integration Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Over the past five years, I have worked with multiple divisions in projects related to manufacturing, quality, operations, R&D,and supply chain. I am currently on a project to design enhancements to the Diagnostics Instruments. I am currently pursuing my Executive MBA.

Fontaine Shu Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 08/03/2011
Fontaine Shu, '06
Computer Science and Engineering
Senior Web Developer, SweetLabs, Inc.

I started working with this cool startup based in Downtown San Diego called SweetLabs this past March and I create HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript web applications for our Pokki platform. Pokki just recently launched in Vegas at the Future of Web Apps conference and so far it's gotten a lot of good press and our development community is growing!

ricardo rubalcava Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 07/24/2011
ricardo rubalcava, '06
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Environmental Coordinator, BAE Systems

During the past five years I have worked exclusively in the environmental field. Major Projects I have managed include industrial facility closures, facility layout design, hydrocarbon remediation and developing an environmental management system. This past July my wife Donna gave birth to our first child, Maceo. When it comes time for him to choose which college to attend I hope he makes the smart choice and selects UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. His first step to a bright future.

At the Rheinfalls outside of Zurich, Switzerland Click here to view a larger image
At the Rheinfalls outside of Zurich, Switzerland

Date Submitted: 02/02/2011
Tristan Hudson, '06
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Field Applications Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor

Over the past five years, I've worked to establish myself in the semiconductor industry doing technical applications work. I'm now supporting all of the technical operations in the US for a very fast-growing company based in Germany. We work with the biggest customers in the portable electronics industry and are constantly putting out new products employing cutting-edge power technology. My job is to make our parts work in people's systems, so I get to see all of the cool stuff before it comes out. Next time you pick up an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Blackberry, you can feel proud that a fellow UCSD alum had a hand in bringing all of these together!

Date Submitted: 04/18/2007
JuneCarlo Magpantay, '06
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Quality Engineer II, Mitchell International

I had been working as an intern for the past 6 months at Mitchell International, doing manual software testing. Recently, I was hired full time and my responsibility now is to write automated scripts for our test plans.

Waterfall in a rainforest on our St. Lucian Vacation.  September 2006 Waterfall in a rainforest on our St. Lucian Vacation. September 2006

Date Submitted: 12/14/2006
John 'Jack' Thomas Cale Davis, '06
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineer MSL Program, NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory

I graduated from UCSD with a BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2005. I was reaccepted to UCSD for the MS program which I have just completed this quarter (fall 06), also in Aerospace Engineering. I have accepted a job working for NASA at their JPL location in Pasadena as a mechanical design engineer, and I will be working on the upcoming MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) rover which will be launched to Mars in 2009. My specific job is the design of Instrumentation and Structures in the rovers' search for water and past signs of life. It's a very awesome time and I am also engaged with plans to marry in summer 2007. Just wanted to say thank you to UCSD and all it has done for me.

Date Submitted: 11/22/2006
Natalie Hurlen, '06 (maiden name Duarte)
Engineer, Exponent

Natalie Duarte (Bioengineering) and her husband Erik Hurlen (Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering) successfully defended their Ph.D. theses and are looking forward to their new jobs in Phoenix, AZ.

Date Submitted: 09/12/2006
Sze Yinn Wong, '06
Abbott Vascular

Working life rocks!

Date Submitted: 05/22/2006
Amy Hsieh, '06

I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioengineering at UCSD.

Date Submitted: 05/22/2006
Arwa Kassamali, '06
Lab Manager, UCSD Pediatric Nephrology

I'll be graduating in 2006, and have an internship following in Sydney, Australia with a biotech company. I'm looking forward to the abroad experience and adventure. I plan on coming back and working for a pharmaceutical biotech company.