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Class Notes

Class of 2008

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Ryan Griswold Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 08/22/2011
Ryan Griswold, '08
Structural Engineering
Development Engineer, UCSD

I'm back at UCSD working in the MAE department. I work for professor Nemat-Nasser as a Development Engineer. We are working on a lot of exciting projects right now ranging from designing materials with controlled band structure to investigating shock wave mechanics and material response to shockwaves. I get to work alongside Jon Isaacs who is a fantastic experimentalist and has been generous in sharing his extensive knowledge with me. I am enjoying the work here and glad to be back on campus. When I am not working in the lab, I like to be climbing in the mountains or spending time with my two boys at the beach

Southern California from 95,000 feet up all for $300 Click here to view a larger image
Southern California from 95,000 feet up all for $300

Date Submitted: 02/13/2011
Neal Bloom, '08
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Flight Operations Engineer, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

I've been working as a performance/systems engineer for the Space Shuttle Main Engines. With NASA as my customer, I support their effort to take astronauts to space. I'm also training for the LA marathon, coming up in mid-March, followed by a 24 hour running relay from LA to San Diego. Come cheer us on at the finish line in Coronado on April 16th! I also recently sent a weather balloon up to 95,000 feet with fellow UCSD alumni, Adam Markowitz. We took pictures every 5 seconds and were able to recover our payload by using a GPS-enabled phone. Attached is a picture from our experiment.

Date Submitted: 03/09/2010
Barry Ripley, '08
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Engineering Staff, Northrop Grumman Space Technology

Barry is finishing up graduate school at UCLA in Systems Engineering, working on composite hardware design and manufacturing for various military communication satellites.

 Taking a break from sunny San Diego Click here to view a larger image
Taking a break from sunny San Diego

Date Submitted: 03/04/2010
Elaine Liu, '08
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Environmental Control System Engineer, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Elaine is working on the Global Hawk UAV program at Northrop Grumman since graduation. It's been a wonderful experience participating in flight tests and engineering problem solving. Currently, she's working on her M.S. in Aerospace Engineering part-time at USC. She plans to do more traveling in the near future.

Roman Kononov Click here to view a larger image

Date Submitted: 11/03/2009
Roman Kononov, '08
Computer Science and Engineering
Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Roman joined Cisco approximately a year before graduation and he has been with the company ever since. "I love ever moment of it," he says, and is part of the Physical Security Business Unit of the Emerging Technology Group. At Cisco, he works on "bleeding-edge" technologies such as new high-definition (1080p) surveillance camera systems.

Date Submitted: 07/27/2009
Adam Markowitz, '08
Structural Engineering
Engineer, Materials/Structures, Pratt & Whitney, Rocketdyne

I am performing structural analyses on various rocket engine components, including the Space Shuttle Main Engine's Main Combustion Chamber and the gas generator on NASA's new upper stage J-2X Engine that will be used in the Constellation Program aboard the Ares Rockets.