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Jacobs Undergraduate Mentoring Program (JUMP)

May 20, 2013 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - JUMP Alumni/Students end of the year BBQ

Location: UCSD Bear Courtyard (between Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, Calit2, and the CS building)

JUMP is a community of engineering students (both undergraduate and graduate) and alumni, who provide support, advice, and guidance to all members.

Please join us for our end of the year JUMP BBQ to celebrate another great year of JUMP! We'll be grilling in the Bear Courtyard, so come out for a burger and some great informal conversation with JUMP participants. There's even a little friendly competition in the works, so stayed tuned to see what the engineering challenge of the evening will be (last year we had an engineered paper airplane competition).

Please register here

Contact for Event: Tatis Cervantes: 858-822-6968

Become a JUMP Mentor/Friend

  1. Attend a JUMP Alumni Night in San Diego

    Once a quarter JUMP holds a full membership meeting with a topical theme relevant to undergraduate engineering students. We invite alumni to participate in these meetings by casually conversing individually or in small groups, serving on panels, or giving presentations. Many great connections with undergraduates are made at these meetings and we encourage you to keep in touch with any undergraduate with whom you'd like to further mentor.

  2. JUMP Mentors Long Distance

    Don't live in San Diego? You can still be involved in JUMP! We have many amazing graduate students that commit their time to mentoring undergraduates in engineering. Many of these students have questions, concerns, and fears of their own and can greatly benefit from connections made with alumni in other parts of the country. These students are often going on interviews, academic and in industry, in other cities and can always benefit from having a UCSD connection to field questions.

    You will fill out a profile to be distributed to the JUMP graduate student mentors who will request contact. Expectations are to be periodically available by email and phone (if desired) to the graduate student.

  3. Host a Company Tour

    If you can't make an Alumni Night (or even if you can) and want to be involved in JUMP you can volunteer to host a tour of your company or lab for JUMP students. As undergraduate engineers, it is sometimes difficult to know what different career paths look like. Visiting a company site not only shows undergraduates what it's like to work in engineering and exposes your business but also excites students for their future!

    These tours are typically 2-3hours during the workday and transportation is arranged within JUMP. The details of each tour can be customized to the requirements/desires of your company or lab. Please contact to set up a company tour!

To participate in the JUMP program please contact Tatis Cervantes, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs at Be sure to provide your Name, Profession, Industry, UCSD Major and Graduation Year).