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Dean's Column: Triton Monthly November 2014

Thank You, Jacobs School Alumni

I’d like to take a moment to thank YOU — the graduates of the Jacobs School of Engineering who take the time to stay engaged with your alma mater. Just reading these monthly emails and keeping up to date with what we are accomplishing is valuable and much appreciated. By staying informed, you are our most valuable advocates and champions.

And on top of this, I’d like to thank everyone who volunteers their time to the Jacobs School of Engineering. In 2014, nearly 200 alumni participated in official volunteer projects. You served as mentors, spoke on panels, critiqued resumes, evaluated research at Research Expo, worked with prospective Jacobs School students, and more. Thank you.

I’d also like to express my sincere gratitude to the many alumni who give their time and energy in ways that may not be included in the group I just mentioned. For example, you may have championed our Team Internship Program and other internship and fellowship programs, engaged in research with our faculty, served on advisory boards or returned to campus to recruit students and give talks. You informally mentor current students in myriad ways online and offline. And I know this list is leaving out other valuable work you are doing.

If you are interested in re-connecting with the Jacobs School, there are many entry points and many ways you can make a difference, especially to our students. This fall, our official student enrolment is 8,611. That’s a lot of graduate and undergraduate students to be mentored, inspired and guided. And we can’t do it without you.

We have volunteer opportunities year-round, and they come in many shapes and time-commitment sizes. And you don’t have to be in San Diego to make a difference. If you want to know more, please take a look at our online volunteer interest form, or get in touch with Adrienne Bollli directly at: (858) 822-6968 or And as always, you can reach me directly at

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends, and know that I am grateful for all that you do for the Jacobs School of Engineering and for UC San Diego.

My best regards,

Albert P. Pisano
Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering