About the Center

The Center for Extreme Events Research has been established to offer solutions to a wide range of challenges associated with extreme events based on the most advanced computational and experimental technologies. Challenges we address are:

Protect the nation’s built infrastructure

Our advanced research programs support predictive as well as retrofit strategies to make critical infrastructures blast resistant and capable of withstanding man-made and natural disasters. Expertise includes simulation-based assessment of residual strength and structural failure estimation after disastrous events.

Perform extreme event mitigation and recovery

We provide rapid assessment of damage after disastrous events using simplified and reduced-order computational and experimental techniques with the aid of available sensor data and visualization information. We also provide solutions for mitigation and retrofitting damaged infrastructure.

Protect bio-systems injury from extreme loading

We work to prevent or mitigate brain and body injury due to bomb blasts, car crashes and collisions on the football field. This is of great importance to the military as well as civilian sectors. The state of the art computational capabilities at the Center for Extreme Events Research allow a thorough understanding of the mechanisms behind injury and provide guidance for design optimization for injury prevention.