Our Renaissance Team

Developing natural intelligence for cognitive computing systems requires a broad, but tightly integrated team. That's us.

Gabriel A. Silva

Center Director
Bioengineering Professor
UC San Diego

Development of mathematical models, algorithms and software derived from the biological brain for advanced contextual artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience.

Mathematical Neuroscience and Neural Engineering Lab

Henry D.I. Abarbanel

Physics and Scripps Institution of Oceanography Professor
UC San Diego

Applications of contemporary developments in dynamical systems and nonlinear dynamics to problems of physical interest in fluid and plasma physics.

Fan Chung Graham

Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering Professor
UC San Diego

Gert Cauwenberghs

Bioengineering professor
UC San Diego

Brain dynamics of human motor control, neuromorphic systems engineering, micropower VLSI integrated circuits and sensors, event-driven and adaptive intelligent systems.

Integrated Systems Neuroengineering

Jeffrey L. Elman

Cognitive Science Professor
Chancellor’s Associates Endowed Chair
UC San Diego

Timothy Gentner

Psychology and Neurobiology Professor
UC San Diego

Representational coding of auditory objects, behavioral mechanisms of auditory perception and cognition, neural mechanisms and decision processes.

Gentner Lab

Our IBM Watson AI XPRIZE team includes a dynamic group of graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, research scientists and programmers from a wide range of disciplines, including:

Sinan Askoy
mathematics graduate student

Nirupama (Pam) Bhattacharya Ph.D.
bioengineering research scientist

Daniel Breen
physics graduate student

Kai Chen
bioengineering Ph.D. student

Vivek George
bioengineering graduate student

Nick Grayson
electrical engineering graduate student

Nirag Kadakia
physics graduate student

Hesham Mostafa, Ph.D.
Institute for Neural Computation postdoc

Bruno Pedroni
bioengineering graduate student and IBM graduate fellow

Francesca Puppo Ph.D.
BioCircuits Institute and CENI postdoc

Tim Sainburg
psychology graduate student

Alexandra Sherman
physics graduate student

Brad Theilman
neurosciences Ph.D. student

Josh Tobin
mathematics graduate student

Jun Wang
bioengineering graduate student

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