California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science

Academic Life

COSMOS Course Clusters

COSMOS students enroll in one course "cluster" for the duration of the four-week program. Each cluster focuses on a different science, mathematics, or engineering topic. We have 18-24 students per cluster. For detailed cluster topics, and information, please visit our Cluster page.

COSMOS Course Instructors

Each COSMOS cluster is taught by a distinguished instructor drawn from the rich and diverse pool of scientists and researchers throughout the UC San Diego teaching community. For detailed information on each COSMOS instructor, please visit our Instructors page.

Final Research Project

For the duration of the 4-week program, with the help of their course cluster faculty, each student will identify and develop a research topic specific to their area of study. Students will have access to university resources including teaching laboratories and libraries to perform the research necessary to complete their project. As a requirement to receive their COSMOS Completion Certificate, each student is required to present their final project to their COSMOS peers on the last day of the program.