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COSMOS is funded by the State of California, by program tuition, and by private support from foundations, corporations and individuals. These funds are used to provide a high quality, affordable program for all who participate. With reductions in state funding, private support is increasingly important to the success of COSMOS.

You can help further the COSMOS mission by:

  • Direct support
  • If your employer or company provide corporate philanthropy. We would very much appreciate hearing from you if you have any leads or suggestions.

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We believe that students and their families are our best ambassadors and advocates. Thank you for helping promote and support COSMOS!

2018 UCSD Gordon Engineering Leadership Center Award COSMOS Winners

The UCSD Gordon Center guarantees awardees with access to known engineering leaders in academia and private and public sectors for mentoring and training. Each of our instructional teams reviewed all of the final team projects and presented cash awards to the following students with the Gordon Research Center Leadership Award:

  • Cluster 1: Brian Wang, Shu-Wei (Wayne) Ping
  • Cluster 2: Aaron Lee, Ariel Bachman, Joshua Koh, Samantha Wong
  • Cluster 3: Ashley Choy, Eleanor Harrington, James Chen, Mira Khosla
  • Cluster 4: Brendan Smith, Emily Fischman, Isabel Sperandio
  • Cluster 5: Allison Jung, Ingrid Shan, Inika Shakya, Jianjun (Lisa) Xiong
  • Cluster 6: Bavan Rajan, Brian Fang, Ricardo Ozuna, Rosa Golchin
  • Cluster 7: Kevin Ju, Miles Lee, Ravi Patel
  • Cluster 8: Anika Kulkarni, Constance Shi, Joyita Bhattacharjee
  • Cluster 9: Jeonghun (Stephen) Hwang, Nathan Zheng, Yong Hwan (Kevin) Kim
  • Cluster 10: Jiahao Qian, Paymon Haddad, Saisaran Kidambi
Gordon Fellows

2018 Gordon Engineering Leadership Center High School Fellows

2018 UCSD COSMOS Ethics Essay Contest Winners

UCSD COSMOS recently awarded cash prizes to high school participants who competed in the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology Essay Competition. 203 COSMOS students submitted essays that covered the ethical considerations with regards to their final science or engineering research projects. The top essays were determined by a panel of judges from the Center for Ethics. Awards were given to the following finalists:

  • First Place: Ravi Patel (Cluster 7) – "An Ethic Game Plan for Playing God"
  • Second Place: Drake Lin (Cluster 10) – "The Ethics of Drones: War in the Future"
  • Third Place: Nicole Smith (Cluster 7) – "The Ethics in the Global Science Community"
  • Third Place: Leela Gowland (Cluster 8) – "Biobanks: How Do We Ensure Informed Consent"
Ethics Essay Winners

2018 UCSD COSMOS Ethics Essay Contest Winners

2018 UCSD Dr. Joseph Watson Award COSMOS Winners

In honor of Dr. Joseph Watson’s dedication to the program, UCSD COSMOS awarded cash prizes to one student per cluster in recognition of their outstanding performance as a team player. Students were selected by their Faculty and Teacher Fellow for having displayed true leadership skills during duration of the COSMOS program.

  • Cluster 1: Sandy Tran
  • Cluster 2: Annie Wong
  • Cluster 3: Emilie Otterson
  • Cluster 4: Megan FanninM
  • Cluster 5: Kevin Chen
  • Cluster 6: Kristine Kodama
  • Cluster 7: Julia Picker
  • Cluster 8: Aaron Rovinsky
  • Cluster 9: Jonah Soong
  • Cluster 10: Skyler Stetson
Ethics Essay Winners

2018 UCSD Dr. Joseph Watson Award COSMOS Winners