California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science

Academic Enrichment

Cluster Field Trips

Field trips offer COSMOS students behind-the-scenes access to many regional resources utilized by UC San Diego researchers. Field trips will vary between clusters and are included in the tuition.

Enrichment Sessions

On certain days, students will have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities. These may include round-table discussions, study groups, research information, UC San Diego admission presentations and student presentation skills activities. Students will be made aware of the opportunities available to them.

Discovery Lecture Series

Renowned scientists and engineers will speak on Tuesday mornings during COSMOS to share a wide range of research topics. These presentations focus on current research in the speaker's field and are designed to introduce students to a broad spectrum of subjects, expanding their learning outside of their cluster topics.

Dates and Presenters for 2019 UC San Diego COSMOS Discovery Lectures Series

Awards for COSMOS students (subject to change):

There are three awards which are unique to the UC San Diego COSMOS program which our students are eligible for:

The Ethics Essay Award

The COSMOS Ethics in Science essay contest is in partnership with the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology. UC San Diego COSMOS students will submit essays to address ethical challenges related to the topic of their cluster. Winners will be selected by the official judges from the Center for Ethics.

Awards: A first place award of $200, second place of $100 and third place of $50 will be given out at the COSMOS Closing Ceremony.

Purpose of Program: Science has brought us much that is good, including discoveries about ourselves and the world around us, as well as the tools to make new discoveries. However, science can also lead to harm. Effectively anticipating risks, both intentional and unintentional, requires thorough understanding of the science. For this reason, it is essential that scientists and engineers themselves should be a part of the discussion about how the products of research should be used. The purpose of this program is to encourage the next generation of scientists to see ethics as part of their research, and not as a question to be handled only by others.

The Joe Watson Award

Dr. Joe Watson, Faculty instructor for Cluster 6 and former Vice Chancellor, kindly donates his time to COSMOS for the summer. This enables COSMOS to create the Joe Watson Award, which is given to the best team player in each cluster as selected by the cluster's faculty and teacher fellows. Each winner receives a $100 gift card and an award at the closing ceremony.

The Gordon Scholar Award

A Gordon Scholar is a talented individual that demonstrates excellence in the following areas: leadership, engineering ability, communication skills and teamwork ability. Cluster faculty and teacher fellows select the students who win this award based upon the leadership they have demonstrated in the COSMOS program.

COSMOS students who are selected as Gordon Award recipients are automatically invited a be a Gordon Scholar if they come to UC San Diego as an enrolled student. This includes many benefits such as a 20 week program in engineering leadership, opportunities to learn about actual skillsets required in their anticipated future careers, and selective opportunities to accelerate and become successful graduates in the STEM industries. Each winner receives a $100 gift card and an award at the closing ceremony.

More information about the Gordon Center at UC San Diego can be found here.