It’s a creative space.

Visual arts and engineering students solder, 3-D print and tinker in so many ways in this learning space where thinking, playing, design and technology intersect.

Maker Studio Details

2,700 square feet of working space

Reconfigurable working space

Mobile workbenches outfitted with powerful computers and a wide range of design and engineering software that allows both visual arts and engineering professors to customize setups with peripherals for their own classes.

3-D printers

Quick-learning-curve and advanced models

Soldering Stations

State-of-the-art setups with skin-frequency modulation


High power, high resolution microscopes with digital cameras

Hand tools on mobile tool carts


Students can work on projects over the quarter and know their projects are locked up for safe keeping in between work sessions.

Analog prototyping areas

Hot-wire foam cutters, hot glue guns, utility knives

Laser Cutter

48’’ x 36’’ 120 Watt Laser Cutter
Cuts acrylic, wood, aluminum and steel.
Ideal for both engineers and artists.

Vacuum Thermo Former

For making prototypes. Nearly everything that is made of plastic and has an open shape is made from a vacuum formed mold.

Printed Circuit Board Mill (PCB Mill)

Enables artists and engineers to manufacture professional-looking circuit boards quickly. CSE 91, “Gadgetron Class” has already been using the PCB Mill.

More machines to come

With high voltage circuits, three-phase power and ample venting, the EnVision Maker Studio has the capacity for more instrumentation that will make the space even more valuable to both engineers and visual artists.