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UCSD Alumni Technical Talk at ViaSat

Cars and Voting Machines: Security Lessons form the Field

Hovav Shacham Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

More and more products, from cars to voting machines, are built with embedded systems and equipped with wireless communication capabilities, making them increasingly vulnerable to hacking. Computer science professor Hovav Shacham and colleagues have demonstrated that attackers could take over a modern car and two voting machine models fairly easily, in part because designers got simple cryptographic tasks wrong. Shacham will explain why manufacturers are not yet concerned about cybersecurity – but why they should be.

Wednesday, March 20

5:00 p.m. Reception
6:00 p.m. Program

  • special event for
    UC San Diego Alumni
  • spouses/guests welcome

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