Chris Haudenschild

Chris Haudenschild
Chairman and CEO

Mr. Haudenschild founded CliniComp, Intl. in 1983 to develop fully automated and adaptable computer-based systems for clinical workflow enhancements in the most demanding critical care environments. From inception, CliniComps founding principles of performance, reliability and adaptability provided the essential platform for launching the largest, most robust and reliable turnkey systems worldwide. As a result, CliniComp customers have enjoyed decades of continuous systems operation.

Today, Mr. Haudenschild continues to be the impetus in pioneering product development and devising novel technical solutions that significantly improve clinical workflow and patient outcomes. In addition, these solutions will provide clinicians with tools to quantify and validate effectiveness. Mr. Haudenschilds strategic initiatives play a key role in the companys technological advancements in the ever expanding critical care environment.

Mr. Haudenschild holds a bachelors in physics from San Diego State University and a masters in physics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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