Ike Toriyama

Ike Toriyama
Director, Technology Research
SONY Interactive Entertainment

Education: MSEE, 84 Sony Corporation, Corporate Lab (Tokyo): 84 94 Antenna/RF designs, Telecommunications Technology R&D

Sony Electronics (San Diego), Dir./VP of Eng.: 94 99 World 1st commercial CDMA cell phone development as joint venture with Qualcomm

Motorola mobile (San Diego), Dir. of Eng.: 99 02 Established a new design facility in San Diego, and responsible for site management and HW design team at San Diego site.

Texas Instruments (San Diego), Sr. Dir. Of Eng.: 02 07 Responsible for CDMA/WCDMA chipset design program managements San Diego local telecommunications/wireless technology companies / technical consulting (San Diego): 07 11

Sony Interactive Entertainment (San Diego), R&D, Dir.: 11 current Telecommunications / Wireless Technologies R&D, Technology Research and hunting

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