Employ an Internship Team

We invite you to include a summer Team Internship in your FY budget planning and to start thinking of a substantive project now. Student recruitment for the summer Team Internship Program (TIP) will begin in January. Projects will be posted on the TIP website as they are received. All Jacobs School students receive email announcing the availability of Team Internships, and periodic updates as new projects are added. To market your Team Internship opportunity directly to a motivated student audience, please complete the project description form below.

Your description should include:

  • Title and 2-3 line description of project, or general area in which they'll work
  • Number of students, class level and major desired (e.g., two computer engineers, one electrical engineer, and one mechanical engineer; juniors, seniors, and grad students okay for all positions)
  • Residency and clearance requirements, if applicable
  • 3 essential skills for each student's role (e.g., specific computer languages, LabView, fabrication)
  • 3 desirable, but not essential, skills for each student's role
  • Key contacts (engineering supervisor, executive champion, HR contact with phone and email)

For additional guidance, please view our sample description and 2018 summer projects.

We look forward to working with you for a successful internship experience!

Please contact Loren Metzger at JacobsEngTeams@ucsd.edu regarding a Team Internship Project that you want to post on our job page.