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Hilti is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing added-value, top-quality products for professional customers in the construction industry and in building maintenance. Our product range covers drilling and demolition, direct fastening, diamond and anchoring systems, firestop and foam systems, installation, measuring and screw fastening systems as well as cutting and sanding systems. Hilti operates in over 120 countries around the world and has almost 20,000 employees.
1. Anchor selection App for android based smartphones - Schaan, Liechtenstein - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
The goal of the project is to develop a ready-to-use application for concrete anchor design and selection to run on android smartphones. Tasks: Develop graphical user interface (GUI), integrate selection algorithm and develop appropriate data structure.

The GUI should utilize established IT industry technologies to communicate the software functionality in a simple and intuitive way. The team will work with a Hilti project manager and interact with Hilti-internal, as well as Hilti-external personnel.

Team: -1 SE (preferably with design experience) -2 CS (with focus on software ergonomics/usability/GUI design and programming skills) -Senior or graduate students are preferred

Essential skills: Experience in programming apps for smartphones (preferably android based). Knowledge of graphical design capabilities and programming skills.

Language: English

Location: Schaan, Liechtenstein (100 km East of Zrich, Switzerland)

Next-generation wireless communications is emerging as the most important technology of this millennium. To ensure that the entire wireless industry is inspired and continues to evolve, innovate and experience success, QUALCOMM develops its technologies and solutions for the purpose of enabling key participants in the wireless value chain.
1. Multimedia apps for next gen mobile user experience, Qualcomm Korea - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
Description: The goals of this project are to develop machine learning software for mobile user interactions. Those interactions can be triggered by the user in form of pattern recognition tasks such as voice and audio recognition and also in form of self learning and inference principles so that the mobile device makes recommendations based on its sensory information. This kind of technology development involves knowledge in embedded systems, machine learning, signal processing and a number of multimedia technologies including audio, video, graphics and display. The team of interns will be given a specific development task and work closely with Qualcomm researcher engineers. The team will also demonstrate the applications on the Qualcomm multimedia platform.

Requirements: Specific knowledge and experience in the one or more of following areas: -Audio / image signal processing algorithms: Voice / audio / video codec; Noise suppression, Source separation; Feature extraction, audio / video fingerprint; Image recognition, tracking. -Pattern classification / Machine learning algorithms: Voice recognition, character recognition, object recognition, clustering. -Knowledge and experience in the following areas is a plus: Computer networks, protocol, architecture; Server-Client programming / management. -Database management, search, data mining

Additional Skills: -Strong programming skill: C/C++, Java, Objective-C, etc. -Experience on embedded platform is a plus: Android, iOS, ARM, DSP, etc. Education: -BS, MS or PhD EE, CompEng, Computer Science or Electrical Engineering -Courses: DSP, signal processing, image processing

Additional skills: -Machine Learning (desired, not required)

Location: Seoul, Korea

2. Augmented Reality Development, Qualcomm China - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
Description: Corporate R&D China office has an internship position to develop application and associated optimization for augmented reality vision applications on selected mobile platforms. The developed results and insight will be important for concept demo and future project development directions.

Requirements: -Strong C/C++ and objected oriented programming skill is required. -Embedded program development experience and skill is desired. -Understanding of computer vision algorithms such as detection and optical flow is a big plus. -Familiarity with CUDA, SimD and OpenCL is a plus.

Education: -Students pursuing MS or PhD, Computer Science

Location: Beijing, China

ResMed ResMed
We are an innovative Australian-founded company dedicated to improving the lives of millions of people worldwide suffering from sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders. We have experienced phenomenal growth for over 20 consecutive years and today employ over 3,000 people across 22 countries. ResMed is an exciting, refreshing environment in which to work. Its a thriving place to interact with others, learn, progress and develop your full potential. ResMed recruits the brightest and strongest talent around the world. We take pride in employing the best of the best self-starters who feel responsible and accountable for their actions and decisions.
1. ResMed Patient Interface and Sleep Team - Sydney, Australia - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
Project Description: ResMed is offering an opportunity for two senior students or Graduates to join us in Sydney, Australia for 3 months for an internship, where you will be involved in identifying, evaluating and developing concepts that lead to significant innovation in ResMed. You will work with a dynamic group of people who operate in an open and cross-functional environment to develop ideas and concepts into products that fulfil our customer needs.

Join us to develop new innovative products for our market.

ResMed is seeking: -1 ME/BioE -1 CS/CE

ME/BioE: -Patient interface team -Engineering analysis, CAD and prototyping -Mechanical, Biomedical or Mechatronics.

CS/CE: -Sleep team -Excellent problem solving and software development skills -Experience in C++, embedded programming or signal processing - Software Engineering or Computer Science

All applicants should have enthusiasm for solving interesting problems and able to demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills.

Placements will be dependent on appropriate visa approvals to ensure eligibility to work in Australia. This will involve an application for an Occupational Traineeship to the Department of Immigration which will also include a medical assessment.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Sun Technology, Inc. Sun Technology, Inc.
Sun Technology is a leading company in providing extremely high resolution image processing and multi-screen display systems, facilitating a new wave of digital information modernization in all sectors with the most powerful and advanced computing technology in the world. Sun Technology is a subsidiary company of Sun International, which also owns Sun Engineering Consultants International, Inc. and Sun Engineering Management, Inc.

Sun Technology, Inc. is specialized in development of computer graphics applications and human computer interaction (HCI) interfaces. SPIDer system provides users with an intelligent interactive comprehensive platform, which provides the most effective technical supports for the digitization and information command center display of various industries such as transportation, government, energy, scientific research, communication, medical treatment, etc.
1. Team Experience at Sun Technology - Guangzhou, China - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
Sun Technology is seeking: -4 CE (Either Bachelor or Master) -1 EE (Either Bachelor or Master)

Computer Engineer Required Skills: -C/C + + programming -OpenGL and GUI (Qt) design -Linux system administration

CE Optional Skills: -Masters Degree is preferred. -Excellent organizational and communication ability.

Electronic Engineer Required Skills: -C/C + + programming experience. -With Linux system administrator experience. -With electronic technology, electronic engineering, automatic control and distributed computing and Internet project background.

EE Optional Skills: -Excellent organizational and communication ability. -Masters Degree is preferred. -OpenGL and GUI (Qt) design experience.

Compensation: Round trip international airfare between Los Angles and Guangzhou and housing will be provided in addition to a meal stipend and hourly wage.

Location: Guangzhou, China

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