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SAIC is a FORTUNE 500 scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure, and health. The companys approximately 43,000 employees serve customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, other U.S. Government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. SAIC had annual revenues of $10.85 billion for its fiscal year ended January 31, 2010. For more information, visit SAIC: From Science to Solutions
1. UltraThin Lens Application to Several Space Imaging Missions - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
The novel multi-fold annular lens design was advanced under a team at the University of California, led by Dr. Joseph Ford (Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering and lead for his Photonics Systems Integration Lab (PSI-Lab) at UCSD). The small size of this thin lens approach lends itself to being integrated inside the cold dewar that is used to house infrared focal plane arrays (FPA). The dewar is normally used for cooling the FPA and lowering the noise. If it can be used for housing the optics with the FPA, the results will aid the difficult issue of cooling the optics when operating in the infrared spectral bands. This integration approach has the potential of substantially reducing the size of the complete sensor system and significantly lowering the thermal emitted photon noise, see the adjacent figure for a size comparison.

The potential space applications include NASAs Earth Venture missions and the Department of Defense Theater and Strategic missions.

Tasks: Design the ultra-thin lens concept integrated in a dewar with the FPA. 1. Perform the lens design using a ray trace lens design program and using lens requirements to be provided. Knowledge of ray trace programs such as Zemax would be useful but SAIC can provide some introduction to the use of Zemax. 2. Perform radiometric analysis to achieve system performance in terms of signal and noise. Performance parametric analysis to evaluate the contribution of various noise contributors. 3. Design the package including the lens, FPA and cold finger into an integrated dewar. Include a demountable dewar design for testing and integrated flight dewar design for future fabrication.

Deliverable: -Analysis and design packages for future fabrication and test.

SAIC is seeking 2 EE and 1 ME: -1 Electro-Optical engineer (Graduate student preferred) -1 Electro-Optical and physics major with radiometric modeling capability (Graduate student preferred) -1 CAD and/or Solid Works mechanical design engineer

Requirements: -Residency at the main SAIC campus (near UCSD) is desired. -The student must be US citizens. -Security clearance is not required but could be useful.

Student Knowledge: -1 Electro-Optical engineer with optical system design capability using ray trace programs. Experience with ZEMAX would be useful. SAIC can provide some training with ZEMAX if this is a difficult skill to find. (1) Understanding of optical systems. (2) Understanding of focal plane arrays. (3) Experience with ZEMAX and/or Code 5 is desired.

-1 Electro-Optical and physics major with radiometric modeling capability. Modeling using Excel is needed. Familiarity with MatLab is useful. Understanding of radiation transfer, photon flux, noise calculations, Plank blackbody calculations, numerical integration, physics and math background will be useful. (1) Understanding of visible and infrared radiometric analysis. (2) Familiarity with large area focal plane arrays. (3) Understanding of backgrounds and targets to enable modeling of signal levels.

-1 CAD and/or Solid Works design engineer for mechanical design, sensor system integration and integrated dewar design using the thin-lens ray trace and FPA design. (1) Experience with or knowledge of integrated lens design. (2) Understanding of vacuum enclosure designs. (3) Experience with structural design material selection.

SAIC will provide technical guidance training and instruction in all areas from subject matter experienced experts.

Location: San Diego, CA

2. Mobile PVT Application Development - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
SAIC is seeking a 2 student interns to develop a mobile Android/iPhone PVT application. This PVT application will utilize existing on-phone sensors in conjunction with an external SAIC developed Sensor package to provide Position, Velocity, and Timing data in GPS constrained environments.

SAIC is seeking: -1 Computer engineer with experience in telecommunications applications. This individual will most likely be a graduate student. -1 Computer engineer with experience in GPS applications.

Tasks: -Develop a mobile Android/iPhone PVT application with map display. -Model, Simulate, and Prototype integration of on-board sensors in conjunction with an external SAIC developed Sensor package. -Develop interfaces to existing on-phone sensors (IMU, Magnetometer, etc.). -Develop an Interface between Phone and SAIC external Sensor Package. -Develop Map display of Phone PVT. -Completed Application and report on its test & evaluation

Requirements: -US citizenship -Security clearance is not required but could be useful.

Skills: -1 Computer engineer with Bluetooth/Wireless knowledge -1 Computer engineer embedded programming interfacing with Hardware knowledge -Engineering experience with MatLab/Simulink, C/C++/C#, embedded programming or Phone Application development

SAIC will provide technical guidance training and instruction in all areas from subject matter experienced experts.

Acutus Medical, Inc. Acutus Medical, Inc.
Acutus Medical is a San Diego medical device company focused on developing technology in electrophy.
Acutus Medical is seeking: -2 EEs

The Electrical Engineering Intern will be teamed with an experienced Electrical Engineer and support a team working to develop new product technologies. Support electrical engineers in the design and development of a new and novel medical technology in the field of Electrophysiology with a newly VC funded company. This intern position will present a unique opportunity to work on a wide range of projects around the technology design and development.

Key requirements: -Hands-on problem solving -Capable to be self-directed and self-motivated -Solid understanding of electrical engineering principals (education level appropriate)

Responsible for a portion of the design project conducting the following tasks: 1 - Analog and Digital Circuit Design 2 - Circuit Breadboarding and testing 3 - Engineering documentation (Schematics, Printed Wiring Boards, and Circuit Card Assemblies and Test documentation).

Location: San Diego, CA

CareFusion CareFusion
At CareFusion, we are united in our vision to improve the safety and lower the cost of healthcare for generations to come. Our 14,000 worldwide employees are passionate about healthcare and helping those that deliver it - from the hospital pharmacy to the nursing floor, the operating room to the patient bedside. Our clinically proven product families include Pyxis for medication and supply dispensing, Alaris for infusion, AVEA ventilators, Jaeger for respiratory diagnostic instruments, AVAmax and PluerX for interventional procedures, V. Mueller and Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments, ChloraPrep skin antiseptic and Nicolet neurodiagnostic devices. To make global healthcare better, we partner with our customers to help them improve medication management, lower costs in procedural areas, reduce risk of infection, advance the care of ventilated patients and turn the endless amount of data generated in healthcare into actionable information.
1. Software Quality Engineering (Dispensing) - ALL STUDENT OPENINGS HAVE BEEN FILLED
CareFusion is seeking: -5 CS Accountabilities in this role -Apply knowledge of software quality engineering concepts, practices, and procedures -Design, maintain, and manage test cases, automate test case by scripting -Execute scripted test cases on variety of test platforms and record results -Write informative descriptions on software issues (defects) -Responsible for testing and managing specific features of software product -Provide feedback on functional specifications, product requirements, and trace matrices -Works under general supervision; typically reports to a team lead and a manager -Relies on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals -Provide status updates and meet project deadlines Qualifications -At least 2 years of college toward a bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science or related technical fields -Knowledge of Software Quality methods and ability to apply them to work environment -Working skills with MS Windows environments -Able to perform SQL queries and interpret data from a database -Good written and oral communication skills and good team player

Preference will be given to students who can continue on part-time during the school year. Location: San Diego, CA

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