CAP Membership

Over 60+ companies - small, medium and large-employ the assistance of the CAP staff to broker introductions to faculty technology leaders, set up research partnerships, recruit the best engineering talent and consult with the Dean of Engineering about educating the engineers of tomorrow.

Access to Students

CAP provides a variety of services to help your company increase visibility among the Jacobs School students and successfully search for qualified employees.

  • Student Resume Service
  • Day @ Jacobs School
  • Engineering Student Organizations
  • IDEA Student Center
  • Fellowships & Scholarships
  • Internships
  • Job Postings
  • Team Internship Program
  • Research Expo
  • Student Design Projects
  • Access to Faculty & Research


Research collaborations with the Jacobs School yield results for your company. From brainstorming meetings that encourage engineers to research contracts with defined deliverables, Jacobs School faculty are eager to work with your company. CAP helps identify and facilitate collaborations.

  • Collaborations
  • Faculty Profile Database
  • Graduate Student Sponsorship
  • Grant Support
  • Joint Proposals
  • Research Expo
  • Technology Advancement Programs


All CAP member companies have a seat on the CAP Executive Board, a unique opportunity to share in leadership of the Jacobs School. We value your ideas. Working together, we can work better for you.

  • Curriculum Development
  • Future Research Focus
  • Industry-University Initiatives
  • Networking

Additional Benefits

  • Parking Permit
  • Library Cards with expanded Library Privileges
  • Invitations to Jacobs School and University Events
  • Access to Campus Facilities through the Jacobs School