Why Join

Jacobs School students are sought after by industry leaders for their engineering knowledge and ability to seek information and solve problems in a team environment.

CAP provides you access to the best new engineers

  • Resume database: access to undergraduate and graduate level students
  • Easy-to-use job postings direct from your desk to a targeted engineering discipline or to a group at large
  • Assistance with internship opportunities
  • Company promotion and recruitment opportunities on campus
  • Invitation to our Annual Research Review attended by graduate and undergraduate students, UCSD alumni and industry representatives
  • Opportunities to sponsor fellowships, scholarships, engineering organizations and outreach projects

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Research & Development

Research collaborations yield bottom line results. Our professors are leaders in their fields of technology. CAP assists you in meeting them and exploring technology roadmaps for the future.

  • Matching State funding for research via the UC system
  • Partnering for federally funded leading-edge research
  • Access to commercialization programs
  • Industry-sponsored student design projects
  • Access to technology licensing opportunities
  • Technology discovery sessions with faculty leaders


Each CAP member has a seat on the Corporate Executive Board - a unique opportunity to share the leadership of the Jacobs School and contribute to the future of engineering education.

  • Contributing to education opportunities and curriculum
  • Identify research foci for future breakthroughs
  • Engage in cooperative initiatives that strengthen the community, enhance the economy and improve quality of life
  • Network with fellow industry executives and key faculty