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Tutoring is where Enrichment, Leadership, Research and Innovation begin!

CSE tutoring program
CSE tutoring program

The CSE tutoring program has proved immensely beneficial as a learning tool for students and tutors alike. Tutors assist students in developing strong problem solving skills and help them create a solid foundation in the fundamentals.

Through our fundraising campaign, we want to augment our under funded program. We hope to not only increase the assistance that students receive, but also highlight the enriching experience of being a tutor. Currently, we seek sponsorship of our tutoring program to not only increase the assistance that students receive, but also to enable more students to have the enriching experience of being a tutor. When you give to the tutor program, your gift effectively goes to all students in a course via the assistance each tutor provides. Learn More »

Become part of a community who will help us continue to offer this successful tutor program. Supporting one tutor actually benefits all students in a class. The cost of funding one tutor per/quarter is $1500. A contribution from you will provide needed tutoring opportunities to deserving students in CSE courses.

Please join us in this worthy endeavor!

Special thanks to Intuit for their generous
support of the CSE Tutor Program.

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"One of the best ways to learn a subject completely is to teach it, and being a tutor allowed me to exercise my programming skills in a unique, challenging manner. I am currently a software engineer for a bay area startup and use the principals I learned from tutoring on a daily basis." - Vishal Patel, CSE 2000


"Tutoring CSE classes gave me a great opportunity to practice clearly articulating concepts, keep my coding skills sharp, and best of all, it surrounded me with very talented peers with whom I built friendships that helped me succeed in classes and in my career." - Jesse Rodriguez, CSE 2007