At the Bernard and Sophia Gordon Engineering Leadership Center, it’s our mission to educate and train effective engineering leaders who create new products and jobs that benefit society.

We are here to help grow the future leaders of engineering. We provide numerous opportunities for engineers to advance and develop their engineering potential, such as leadership educational courses, workshops, awards programs and challenge projects.

Interested in getting involved?

Choose the level of involvement that’s right for you:

Don't see the right fit to give back? Contact us at to work with us on your unique contribution.

Share: Get interviewed for our monthly newsletter! Share your personal story about your career as an engineering leader.

Brainstorm: Help nominate professional engineer speakers for our quarterly forums, workshops, and Think Tanks. We need engineers with a successful leadership background to speak to our students for one hour sessions.

Inspire: Become a speaker! We need engineer leaders who want to share their story with college students in a one hour session.

Coach: Advance engineering leadership by helping college students meet their professional goals. Work with students for one hour a week on personalized leadership development or specific technical projects.

Contribute: Offer opportunities for students to intern, attend conferences or participate in exchange programs.

Sustain: No time to participate? Put your money to work for you. Become a sustaining investor to something you love. Your annual contribution will fund and provide resources for our student engineering leadership classes and leadership projects.

Donate: Lead our program forward and pave the path for future engineering leaders by donating. Your contribution can pay for additional programs and influence hundreds of engineering leaders through forums, Think Tanks, leadership workshops, and much more.

All of Gordon Center’s programming and networking opportunities would not be possible without your support and being a role model of engineering leadership. Whether it’s volunteering, speaking or donating, your support makes everything we do possible.