Promote STEM+ education
Connect engineering students with the industry
Provide technical mentorship for student projects
Cultivate the next generation of leaders in space exploration

The Prize

Up to Seven $1,500 Prizes Awarded to Qualified UCSD Engineering Students
Awarded to students of all genders

Each awardee is matched with a mentor from either Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit, or the Spaceship Company

Your Personal Mentor will provide guidance with




You get to hangout with...

As a Galactic Unite Gavin Jones Prize winner, you are required to...

Participate in the mentorship program
Attend 3 quarterly mentor conferences
Organize a STEM outreach event for the community
Strive for leadership roles in your current project



Undergraduate Students in an STEM+ Discipline at UCSD
Aspire to contribute to the New Space Movement
Actively involved in student organizations working on technical projects
US Citizen

Preferred Qualities

Demonstrates leadership traits
Excellence in both analytical and hands-on skills
Possesses strong inter-personal skills
Well respected by his/her peers
Upholds the highest engineering integrity and ethics


Any year as long as you are still in school full-time for the next school year!
Use it to help pay for textbooks, supplies, that conference you've been wanting to go for a while...
Yes! As long as you promise us that you are active in a project for the next school year for at least two quarters out of the year.
We don't promise internships, but this is a great way to network with Virgin Galactic, TSC, and Virgin Orbit employees.