The Gordon Scholars Program is an application based program open exclusively to Jacobs School of Engineering students. Gordon Scholars are selected students who demonstrate exceptional engineering leadership attitudes, capabilities, and knowledge. Scholars attend a rigorous year long development program to increase the success rate in college and post-college careers. The development program curriculum includes a systems approach to prepare students to meet the demand of developing new technologies to address the problems faced by society.

The Gordon Scholars Program focuses on three main competencies: 1) leadership, 2) teamwork and cross-cultural collaboration, and 3) critical thinking and problem solving. These competencies are validated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers and are confirmed to be some of the top skills that employers seek when hiring. Additionally, Scholars are also taught the ten characteristics of engineering leadership, which can be found here.

Upon completion, Gordon Scholars in good standing will receive a certificate and will be recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). The CCR produces an official record that is printed with the student’s transcript that highlights their experiences and skills developed in opportunities beyond the classroom. Students can use their CCR to help them write cover letters, resume, or prepare for an interview. They can also submit it to employers and graduate or professional school applications and for awards. For more information, visit or email questions to

Why Did You Apply?

The Gordon Center measures the success of the Gordon Scholars program yearly and continuously improves its leadership programs by means of surveys and tracking the students and alumni feedback. See what our past Gordon Scholars had to say about why they applied to be a Gordon Scholar in this video.

What Was Your Favorite Experience?

The Gordon Scholars program prides itself in making sure that all students learn the principles, theory, attitudes and skill sets required to be an engineering leader through a progressive education, training and practice program. See what our Gordon Scholars' favorite experiences were, and what they found to be the most valuable part of the program in this video.

Adam Kadwory

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Cyrus Cowley

Daibo Zhang

Destiny Alvarado

Geeling Chau

Kevin Joslin

Kusha Bidasaria

Kyle Skelil

Laura Morejon Ramirez

Mahesh Hosangadi

Maria Galvez

Marquez Balingit

Nishta Krishnan

Robert Ramji

Samantha Fong

Skye Edwards

Stanley (Dillon) Hicks

Tawny Bagnol

Tori Lazerson

Vesal Razavimaleki

Victoria Thai

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Ryan Arroyo

Sachin Govil

Thomas Chan

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