Since 2009 when the Center opened, those who have completed the Gordon Scholars Program have achieved great things. From higher education to career growth, we're proud to see our Scholars continue to demonstrate engineering leadership throughout their life. Click here to learn more about our Gordon Scholars Program.

Alumni Achievements


Engineers, scientists, doctors, and researchers at top companies


Graduate students at prestigious universities


Entrepreneurs of thriving startups


Professors at highly esteemed universities

Akhilesh Yeluru

Colin Feeney

Dan Truong

Danielle Naiman

Eric Shnell

Guinevere Berg

Harleen Singh

Jack Najarian

Kathrine Lowe

Kotachi Liu

Neha Chhugani

Reo Yoo

Roshan Fernando

Saakib Akbany

Samantha Fong

Summer Joyce Batasin

Surabhi Kalyan

Tong Jin

Varun Govil

Aarash Bordbar

Aditi Gupta

Deepak Atyam

Denali Dahl

Duncan McClure

Jamie Luong

Jeremy Morales Madrigal

Neeraja Ravi

Negin Nazarian

Neil Gandhi

Roger Huang