The Gordon Center presents annual Engineering Leadership Awards to recognize outstanding students, industrial/government/military and academic leaders. The purpose of the awards program is to reward and recognize successful leaders and to promote positive role models for Jacobs School of Engineering students.

Recipients of the award are first nominated by the engineering community and are then chosen through a competitive selection process. Nominees will have demonstrated excellence in the following areas:


Leadership skills should be evidenced in prior engineering, academic, industry or community projects serving their employers, departments or fellow students. Nominees will have proven or emerging ability to influence others in the profession, the skills to set and attain goals and the ability to help others grow in their knowledge and leadership skills.


Engineering ability should be distinguished by nominees' skills as compared to those of their colleagues or peer group and have demonstrated a strong grasp of engineering knowledge through implementation of technical solutions in competitions or real-world challenges.


Communications skills that produce effective and inspiring spoken, written and electronic communications to individuals and groups.


Teamwork ability as demonstrated through effective team management, collaboration and contributions towards a common goal.

Gordon Fellow Awards

Winners receive a medal, membership in the Gordon Alumni SEALS and a monetary award as follows:

Undergraduate Recipients


Graduate Recipients


Professional Recipients

No monetary award for professional recipients

High School Recipients

$100 per team member (COSMOS only)