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One of the most critical career transitions for engineers and technical professionals is the move from individual contributor to manager and leader. Whether it is a formal management role or a project leader role, strong interpersonal and leadership skills can determine the profound transformation within an organization.

The Gordon Center offers leadership development topics through a time-tested approach that demonstrates the values and behaviors of exemplary leaders. All training sessions involve a hands-on approach in order to allow participants to have the best possible chance to experience leadership roles situations and best practices.

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Techniques and tips on effective presentations, meeting management, stand and deliver, negotiation and conflict management.


A systemic approach to innovation and how to inspire and encourage creativity in individuals.

Leadership Theory

An overview of approaches to leadership, leadership development and leadership competency frameworks.

Power and Influence

Five types of power that leaders use to influence others.

Project Constraints

Techniques and tips to effectively manage project constraints of time, resources and quality.

Project Planning

Guidance on decision making, risk aversion, and how to effectively use the feedback loop model.

Situational Leadership

Situational leadership refers to when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his style to fit the development level of the followers he is trying to influence.

Systems Thinking

A systematic approach to problem solving that extends beyond the depth of engineering in the breadth of implementing engineering solutions with optimum components required to manifest an idea into reality and derive a solution to an existing problem.


Techniques and tips to incorporate into your daily activities to access team members, build effect teams, and how to continuously motivate your team.

Custom Specialized Programs

The Gordon Center offers alternative options for those interested in a custom leadership training session that meets your organization or company’s needs.*

Programs designed and conducted include leadership programs for project leaders, business owners, teams from industry and UCSD campus organizations.

Nonprofit Organizations

From small to large nonprofit organizations the Gordon Center can customize trainings to focus on the management skills and leadership development your organization needs.*

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Business Group & Industry Custom Programs

Tailored learning experiences focus on leadership challenges, talent development and situational leadership development goals unique to your organization.*

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UCSD Organization Programs

A custom focused training session can be created to help with teaming, technical projects and constraints within an organization.**

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*Pricing & Details: Please contact the Gordon Center for pricing and program details.

**Training is Free for all Internal Jacobs School of Engineering Organizations.

Leadership is not about your title. It's about inspiration, impact and driving results.

About the Instructor: Dr. Ebonee Williams

Dr. Ebonée Williams has a background in advanced polymer composites research with emphasis on vacuum assisted resin transfer molding and polynanomeric composite application in aerospace. Dr. Williams has hosted polymer composite training sessions for FAA inspectors, Boeing engineers and college students; she has taught both undergraduates and graduates in the discipline, as well.

Currently she serves as the inaugural Executive Director of the Bernard and Sophia Gordon Engineering Leadership Center, creating ambassadors for engineering by strengthening the leadership skills of engineers at all levels. In this role, Dr. Williams demonstrates passion in all activities which include manager an advisory board of engineering executives, leading workshops on a wide-range of technical leadership skills, individual and group coaching sessions, and lecturing in both leadership and technical courses. Dr. Williams takes pride in her ability to provide efficient solutions to complex problems ranging from chemical processes to student development and education.

Dr. Williams earned her B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brown University and the University of Washington, respectively. She also has a Masters in Industrial Business Management from the Lille Business School in France. She has a Professional Performance Coaching Certification.

Her commitment to inter-disciplinary and applied education is evident throughout her career. She has started multiple successful programs at UC San Diego to support student development through service learning, leadership and career success, academic and beyond. As a teacher, leader, and change agent she is actively engaged in both local and national communities in hopes of creating new opportunities.

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