The IDEA Center provides many opportunities and resources to enhance, augment, and provide support for the engineering curriculum at UC San Diego. We offer engaging academic, professional, and technical development and support opportunities to help strengthen students’ abilities inside and outside of the classroom.

Engineering Learning Communities

Engineering Learning Communities provide small, cooperative learning environments for students in pre-requisite math, science, and engineering classes. Students reinforce their skills through problem solving sessions and office hours with experienced peer educators and collaboration with fellow students to practice and apply their knowledge.

ENG 10 - Fundamentals of Engineering Applications

This course is designed to increase motivation and student success in engineering through an application-orientated, hands-on introduction to engineering mathematics and design processes.

ENG 1 & 2 - Orientation to Engineering

The Orientation to Engineering course series is a sequence of two courses that focus on the successful transition and orientation of students to engineering studies at UC San Diego and their future careers as engineers.

Workshops and Info Sessions for Engineers

WISE is a series of academic, professional, and technical skill-building workshops and info sessions offered throughout the quarter. These free events cover topics such as programming languages, graduate school preparation, professional development as an engineer, and much more!