Who is eligible:

Incoming freshmen engineering students admitted to an engineering major at UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering.
(ALL engineering majors except CSE. CSE majors can apply to SPIS: https://sites.google.com/a/eng.ucsd.edu/spis/)

Dates of the Program:

Sunday, August 6 - Saturday, September 9, 2017

Please note that all students will be enrolled in 6 credits of coursework (two engineering classes) throughout Summer Session II which will count towards the students' engineering major and/or academic degree.

Application Deadline/Timeline:

Date of Summer 2017 Program:
Sunday, August 6 - Saturday, September 9, 2017
(Summer Engineering Institute takes place during UC San Diego's Summer Session II)

Question: What can you do NOW if you are interested in attending the Summer Engineering Institute and admitted to the Jacobs School of Engineering?

Answer: APPLY for Financial AID to attend the 2017 Summer Engineering Institute!

  • Submit the 2016-2017 FAFSA form for Summer 2017.
  • You do not have to apply for admission to a college before you list the college on your FAFSA form.

Questions regarding FAFSA, federal funding timelines, and the changes that were made this year to FAFSA, please visit: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/about/announcements/fafsa-changes


  • Provide newly admitted freshmen engineering students supplemental academic preparation and support in introductory engineering courses
  • Build a diverse engineering student community by providing an academic and social environment for enhanced student performance (peer-learning, academic/professional workshops, and faculty mentorship).
  • Introduce engineering students to the norms and culture of scientific inquiry.
  • Integrate students academically and socially to UC San Diego and JSOE learning environments.
  • Support UC San Diego efforts in reducing time to degree.

Contact Information
IDEA Student Center, Jacobs School of Engineering
Website: idea.ucsd.edu
Phone: 858.534.6105
E-Mail: idea@soe.ucsd.edu