Learning through practice, problem-solving, and applying concepts.

"My peer educator really made us think about the steps and angles of developing a solution. At the same time, I was enrolled in an ECE course and my instructor for that course was having us think this way too. I’m realizing this is engineering and how engineers think about problems and solutions."
- 1st year Electrical Engineering Student

Engineering Learning Communities are formal study groups that bring engineering students into a supportive environment where they can develop confidence, strengthen study skills, and learn the value of collaborative study. This small academic environment seeks to increase student mastery and motivation by eliminating the intimidating large classes that engineering students experience particularly in the freshman year. Learning Communities at other institutions have proven effective in improving grades, motivation, and learning over the past 2 years.

What you can expect from the Engineering Learning Communities program:

  • Weekly 2 hours problem solving sessions with a Peer Educator.
  • Collaboration with other participants, teaching and learning from each other.
  • Tips and guidance on how to prepare for examinations, how to best study, and how to best use course books and materials.
  • Additional academic support through office hours held by each Peer Educator.

Read an article about the Engineering Learning Communities here.

Engineering Learning Communities are offered throughout the academic year to provide academic support for core engineering pre-requisite classes. Schedules vary each quarter in conjunction with Calculus/Physics/Chemistry courses offered.

Chem 6C

Mon 5-6:50PM

Physics 2A

Tuesday 7-8:50PM

Physics 2B

Monday 3-4:50PM
Wednesday 5-6:50PM

Math 20B

Thursday 7-8:50PM

Math 20C

Monday 7-8:50PM
Wednesday 3-4:50PM

Math 20D

Tuesday 1-2:50PM
Thursday 5-6:50PM

Math 20E

Tuesday 3-4:50PM

Math 18

Tuesday 5-6:50PM
Wednesday 7-8:50PM

The IDEA Engineering Learning Communities are held in Jacobs Hall B805 .

To get to the IDEA Engineering Learning Communities, take the stairs from Warren Mall (closest to Bioengineering Building) to the Jacobs Hall basement courtyard, where main entrance to the IDEA Engineering Learning Communities is located.

WATCH how to get to the IDEA Engineering Learning Communities!

ELC Location

Hugh (Genghao) Chen

Hi! I’m Hugh. I’m a third-year Bioengineering: biotechnology major from Warren College. My research lies in the field of gene therapy and genome engineering - don’t be surprised when I get all excited when asked about CRISPR! I would like to pursue a Ph.D and work in the biotech industry in the future. Outside of academics, I play volleyball, go to movies, watch Game of Thrones, and explore different cuisines. I’ve always enjoyed explaining concepts and helping others solve problems. Particularly, math is a subject I have truly enjoyed since I was very little. My job as a peer educator is to make you fall in love with the beauty of math like I did!

Min Faye Chua

Hi! My name is Min Faye, and I am a third-year electrical engineering major. I am not sure what I will specialize in, but I am leaning towards power. I am from Orange County. I love living in SoCal but I hope to do my graduate studies on the East Coast. In my free time, I try to stay active whether it is going to the gym or the pool. I also enjoy baking cookies and going to the beach. My goal as a facilitator is to help you learn and understand the material, so if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

Kinuth Gelmo

Hi, I'm Kinuth. I'm a third-year Nanoengineering major here at UCSD. I am also currently fulfilling a music minor. In the near future I hope to go to grad school, and hopefully do my own research. I enjoy playing basketball, playing saxophone and piano, and binge-watching T.V shows when I should instead be doing schoolwork.

Gabriel Gutierrez

Oh hey! Nice to meet you! My name is Gabriel. I am a 2nd year Structural Engineering student from Muir College, pursuing a concentration in Aerospace Structures. I am an IDEA Scholar and was part of the 2016 cohort of students from the IDEA Center’s 5-week Summer Engineering Institute. I am currently heavily involved in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and working as SHPE’s Academic Chair. Through SHPE, I enjoy giving back to my Hispanic community through major outreach events, as well as organizing events on campus to help all kinds of engineering students strive. During my free time I like to play soccer, go on runs, and just ponder philosophically about the world (what is life anyway?). I aspire to someday graduate with a Masters Degree, and hopefully be able to give back to my greatest inspiration – my mom.

Mariano Iberico

Hi! My name is Mariano Iberico and I am currently a 3rd year majoring in Electrical Engineer from Warren College and my main interests fall inside Machine Learning and Robotics, specially the area of continuum robots. An interesting fact about myself is that I'm an International Student from Peru and thus I am a big fan of hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. My main hobbies are brazilian jiu-jitsu and playing guitar and squash and I also really enjoy spending time reading philosophy books from time to time. As a facilitator, my job is to help you guys succeed academically and make myself available for any additional assistance you might need. We are here to help you, just ask!

Winnie Kuang

Hi, I’m Winnie. Currently, I’m a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. My interest lies in mechatronics, and I hope to pursue a career in this field. Outside of academics, I love outdoor activities, national parks, puzzles/board games, and music. I find it a very interesting and worthy challenge to figure out how people think and react in various scenarios, and how to best break down complex ideas and effectively communicate them. That said, it’s not surprising that I find a lot of delight in teaching. If you have anything, I’ll do my best to help!

Cindey Meng

I'm a senior chemical engineering student interested in clean energy technology. My hobbies include hiking (or any outdoor activities), watching movies, and learning about different cultures. I'm always down to get In-N-Out.

Melissa Perez

Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major originally from Montebello,CA. My hobbies include playing soccer, tennis, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends. I chose to be a tutor for Math because it has always been my favorite subject and is the subject that I feel the most confident in. This will be my second year as a peer facilitator for the IDEA student center. I really enjoy being able to help students out in a subject that I enjoy. Feel free to come to me with any problems that you might have and I'll try my best to help!

Aaron Ramos

Hello! My name is Aaron and I am a 2nd year Chemical Engineering major at UCSD. I'm originally from San Leandro, which is a little town up in NorCal near San Francisco. Some of my hobbies include playing piano, going on runs, playing volleyball, and writing poetry. Although I'm still exploring interests for what I want to do in the future, I'm particularly interested by the medicinal applications of chemical engineering because I have always been passionate about wanting to help others in whatever way I can.

Ricardo Rueda

My name is Ricardo, I am a bioengineering: biosystems major with a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently, I am a junior conducting research at the Cartilage Tissue Engineering Lab (Dr. Robert Sah) and Center for Wearable Sensors (Dr. Joseph Wang).

Adrianna Stopol

Hello! My name is Adrianna and I’m a second year Mechanical Engineering major in Muir College. I chose this major because I have always been passionate about math, science, and design. In my free time, I love making things, whether it’s painting, woodcarving, sewing, or making that fire nation armor for Comic-Con. I also enjoy playing the violin and going surfing. Other talents include an excessive love of math that makes all of my non-STEM friends think I’m crazy and an abnormal amount of school pride (Go Tritons!). After I graduate, I hope to pursue graduate studies and then go on to work in product design at a super cool company. Feel free to contact me with any of your non-chemistry related questions! I’d love to help!

Nathaniel Villarreal

My name is Nathaniel Villarreal. I am a third year Aerospace Engineering Major from Revelle College. I grew up in Soledad California, a small agricultural town in Monterey county. I enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, netflixing and I have a passion for anything that flies. After graduating I want to work in the Aerospace industry and help design the future of air travel. I eventually want to earn my pilot's license and fly small aircraft recreationally.

Questions: Please contact
Jessica Baldis (jbaldis@ucsd.edu)