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The goal of the Jacobs School's IDEA Scholars Program is to foster community building and academic excellence among our top incoming freshman engineering students from diverse backgrounds. As an IDEA Scholar, you will join a select group of students who will serve as ambassadors for the Jacobs School throughout your time at UC San Diego.

    Started 2011
  • 196 Members
  • 28 Alumni
    IDEA Scholars graduate with an engineering degree at a higher rate than Jacobs School students
  • 2011 cohort: 77% graduation rate
    (23% higher than retention rate among engineering freshmen from underrepresented student groups who were admitted at the same time, and were not IDEA Scholars)
  • 2012 cohort: 74% graduation rate
    (14% higher than retention rate among engineering freshmen from underrepresented student groups who were admitted at the same time, and were not IDEA Scholars)
    Key benefits of being an IDEA Scholar Include:
  • Priority Access to Scholarships and Internships
  • Mentoring from Jacobs School Students, Alumni and Faculty
  • Personal, Professional and Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Involvement in Undergraduate Research
  • Networking Opportunities with Companies
  • IDEA Scholar Medal Upon Graduation

IDEA Scholars will be selected by IDEA Faculty from students who attend the Freshman Summer Engineering Institute.

As a cohort, IDEA Scholars will follow an Academic Enrichment Plan, specially designed to promote your academic success. The IDEA Scholars Requirements outlines the academic requirements for this program, as well as numerous opportunities for you to engage in your engineering community.

Class of 2016

Allison Kensiski


Anjelica Thang

Computer Engineering

Barbara Samano

Aerospace Engineering

Carlos Munoz

Chemical Engineering

Chyheim Jackson-Burgess

Computer Science

Daniel Gehlbach

Bioengineering: Biotechnology

David Dantas

Computer Science

Gladys Ornelas


Ivan Torres

Mechanical Engineering

James Torres

Structural Engineering

Jasmin Hurtado


Jennifer Cordero

Chemical Engineering

Jose Banuelos

Structural Engineering

Lina Lopez

Chemical Engineering

Lovelle Cardoso

Computer Science

Nathan Woodward

Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Montoya

Mechanical Engineering

Rogelio Nunez Flores


Sarah Segobia

Chemical Engineering

Yoseph Alemayehu

Chemical Engineering

Class of 2015

Ann Meek


Cindy Trinh


Daniel Kaminski

Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Salvadori

Electrical Engineering

Ismael Munoz


Kayse Sheppard

Structural Engineering

Kriss Wilkerson

Electrical Engineering

Rene Martinez

Chemical Engineering

Summer PrEP 2012

  • Roman Aguilera: Electrical Engineering
  • Yoseph Alemayehu: Chemical Engineering
  • Jose Banuelos: Structural Engineering
  • Chandler Burgess: Computer Science
  • David Dantas: Computer Science
  • Anthony Farris: Computer Engineering
  • Andres Hanau: Electrical Engineering
  • Isabel Jauregui: Aerospace Engineering
  • Christian Koguchi: Electrical Engineering
  • Alexes Macedo: Computer Engineering (CSE)
  • Cassandra Moreno: Mechanical Engineering
  • Oscar Murillo: Aerospace Engineering
  • Taylor Nelson: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics
  • Daisy Ojeda: Environmental Engineering
  • Heidy Vega: NanoEngineering

Summer PrEP 2013

  • Arnell Abad: Chemical Engineering
  • Alejandro Alva: Nanoengineering
  • Stephanie Arteaga: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics
  • Michael Benjamin: Chemical Engineering
  • Jahya Burke: Electrical Engineering
  • Tanya Carrazco: Structural Engineering
  • Shang-Chun (Andrew) Chiang: Chemical Engineering
  • Brian Contreras: Chemical Engineering
  • Ruben Diaz: Electrical Engineering
  • Jose Garcia: Aerospace Engineering
  • Brendan Gonzales: Mechanical Engineering
  • Pengfei Gu: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
  • Alexandrea Hill: Environmental Engineering
  • Cynthia Huang: Electrical Engineering
  • Timothy Huang: Nanoengineering
  • Julian Jacobs: Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Jaehee Jung: Electrical Engineering
  • Paddy Lei: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics
  • Olivia Lipco: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
  • Joanne Ly: Chemical Engineering
  • Kimberly Ly: Computer Science
  • Sara Masjedi: Structural Engineering
  • Eric Mauritzen: Computer Science: Bioinformatics
  • Garren Melton: Chemical Engineering
  • Kimberly Nguyen: Chemical Engineering
  • Madeline Ocampo: Mechanical Engineering
  • Lorenzo Page: Electrical Engineering
  • Bernabe Perez: Bioengineering: BioSystems
  • Christopher Rutten: Mechanical Engineering
  • Jennifer Tran: Computer Science
  • Pia Tsai: Structural Engineering
  • Elsie Varela: Environmental Engineering
  • Viviana Vela: Structural Engineering
  • Denny Zhou: Mechanical Engineering

Summer PrEP 2014

  • Sinan Bayoud: Computer Science
  • Alejandra Bellavance: Environmental Engineering
  • Maya Bello: Computer Science
  • Gerardo Berrelleza: Electrical Engineering
  • Sebastian Bommer: Mechanical Engineering
  • Bryan Brennan: Mechanical Engineering
  • Christian Bryan: Aerospace Engineering
  • Rizelle Capanzana: Chemical Engineering
  • Justin Centeno Barrientos: Mechanical Engineering
  • Min Woo Chung: Electrical Engineering
  • Phoebe Contreras-Jones: Electrical Engineering
  • Katherina Cortes: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics
  • Kelvin Diaz-Reyes: Computer Science
  • Trenten Eldred: Computer Engineering (CSE)
  • Glorya Escobar: Environmental Engineering
  • Valeria Gallardo: Structural Engineering
  • Manuel Gonzalez: Aerospace Engineering
  • Josef Griedel: Aerospace Engineering
  • Estefania Huitron: Environmental Engineering
  • Vidal Jovel: Bioengineering
  • Frances Lagarda: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
  • Aviana Landeros: Aerospace Engineering
  • Henry Lee: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
  • Sebastian Lee: Environmental Engineering
  • Jocelyn Letona: Aerospace Engineering
  • Melissa Ly: Computer Engineering (CSE)
  • Rachel Miller: Nanoengineering
  • Richard Miller: Nanoengineering
  • Emily Moreno: Bioengineering
  • Tracy Nguyen: Bioengineering: Biotechnology
  • Robert Nguyen: Electrical Engineering
  • Mai Nong: Chemical Engineering
  • David Perez-Aguilar: Chemical Engineering
  • Nancy Ponce: Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Ashley Qu: Mechanical Engineering
  • Paula Quach: Computer Science
  • Daisy Rios: Environmental Engineering
  • Manolo Sanchez: Electrical Engineering
  • Christopher Sanchez: Aerospace Engineering
  • Alec Schardein: Mechanical Engineering
  • Euan Tan: Mechanical Engineering
  • Garry Turner: Environmental Engineering
  • Manwinder Uppal: Environmental Engineering
  • Alejandro Valdivia: Structural Engineering
  • Annalisa Vilaysing: Aerospace Engineering
  • Christopher Wiggins: Mechanical Engineering

Summer PrEP 2015

  • Karla Aceves: Aerospace Engineering
  • Emmanuel Antonio: Nanoengineering
  • Cindy Ayala: Mechanical Engineering
  • Kristina Bjegovic: Bioengineering,BioSystems
  • Kayla Cartaciano: Chemical Engineering
  • Humberto Castillo: Chemical Engineering
  • Jasmine Chiang: Electrical Engineering
  • Mackenzie Cottle: Mechanical Engineering
  • Farouq Fardan: Electrical Engineering
  • Elizabeth Farkas: Computer Engineering (CSE)
  • Carlos Galaviz: Engineering Sciences
  • Irene Garcia: Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Kinuth Gelmo: Nanoengineering
  • David Gonzalez-Maldonado: Chemical Engineering
  • Ivan Ibarra: Bioengineering
  • Azusena Jimenez: Aerospace Engineering
  • Vanessa Jimenez: Electrical Engineering
  • Emanual Kasegne: Structural Engineering
  • Delphine Kyubwa: Bioengineering, BioSystems
  • Gisel Lopez: Bioengineering
  • Pedro Lopez-Casillas: Mechanical Engineering
  • Gunawan Makmur: NanoEngineering
  • Juan Maldonado: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hector Marin-Alcantar: Aerospace Engineering
  • Noe Melchor: Aerospace Engineering
  • Jack Najarian: Electrical Engineering
  • Aishwarya Niraula: Aerospace Engineering
  • Melissa Perez: Mechanical Engineering
  • Vivian Pham: Computer Science
  • Aparna Rangamani: Computer Science
  • Gina Ratto: Computer Science
  • Jose Rodriguez: Mechanical Engineering
  • Jose Ricardo Rueda: Bioengineering, BioSystems
  • Yohann Samarasinghe: Nanoengineering
  • Jackelyn Sanchez: Aerospace Engineering
  • Andrew Sanchez: Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Michael Schnabel: Electrical Engineering
  • Marcos Serrano-Herrera: Mechanical Engineering
  • Reem Sheikh Mohamed: Electrical Engineering
  • Steve Silva: Nanoengineering
  • Vickie Truong: Aerospace Engineering
  • Jocelyn Valencia: Environmental Engineering
  • Tania Vazquez: Mechanical Engineering
  • Cory Wolf: Mechanical Engineering
  • Derek Wong: Bioengineering, Biotechnology

The IDEA Scholars Program is open to students who participate in the Freshman Summer Engineering Institute.

Application Opens: May 1st, 2017

Application Deadline: May 28th, 2017

Program Dates: Sunday, August 6th - Saturday, September 9th, 2017

The BOEING-IDEA Scholarship is awarded annually for the purpose of recruitment and retention of students in the Jacobs School of Engineering who demonstrate technical experience, academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and a commitment to the ideals of inclusion, diversity, excellence and advancement. In addition to a monetary stipend, the scholarship includes a potential summer internship with BOEING.

This scholarship is open to IDEA Scholars who will be continuing next academic year. Students who are in the following majors are especially encouraged to apply: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Structural Engineering, and NanoEngineering. Minimum GPA 3.0.

Scholarship Recipients

Madeline Ocampo, Mechanical Engineering
Cindy Ayala, Mechanical Engineering
Sebastian Lee, Environmental Engineering
Ashley Qu, Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Sanchez, Aerospace Engineering
Sara Masjedi, Structural Engineering
Glorya Escobar, Environmental Engineering
Jose Ricardo Rueda, Bioengineering: BioSystems
Juan Maldonado, Mechanical Engineering


Shang-Chun (Andrew) Chiang, Chemical Engineering
Jose Garcia, Aerospace Engineering
Maya Bello, Computer Science
Jose Banuelos, Structural Engineering
Josef Griedel, Aerospace Engineering
David Perez-Aguilar, Chemical Engineering
Joanne Ly, Chemical Engineering
Kimberly Nguyen, Chemical Engineering
Madeline Ocampo, Mechanical Engineering
Sebastian Bommer, Mechanical Engineering
Lorenzo Page, Electrical Engineering
Alexes Macedo, Computer Engineering (CSE)


Jorge Esmerio, Electrical Engineering
Nathan Woodward, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Kaminski, Mechanical Engineering
Kimberly Wang, Bioengineering: Biotechnology
Xavier Tejeda, Computer Engineering
Sara Masjedi, Structural Engineering
Daniel Gehlbach, Bioengineering: Biotechnology
Julia Soderstjerna, Mechanical Engineering


Rene Martinez, Chemical Engineering
Ashley He, Electrical Engineering
Mishika Vora, Computer Science
Sally Law, Electrical Engineering
Celine Long, Nanoengineering