Welcome Newly Admitted Engineering Students!

Transfer Triton Day

Transfer Triton Day is for newly admitted students and will be on Saturday, May 7th. The entire campus will be open with tours, information sessions, and staff from all departments will be available to answer any questions you may have. We highly encourage you to attend to learn about your major and the Jacobs School of Engineering, as well as explore the campus.

View the schedule of engineering department sessions*

*Note: Above sessions ONLY for admitted ENGINEERING majors

Below are sessions for students NOT admitted to Engineering majors and interested in transferring to Engineering

Undeclared Majors: Engineering
Location: Price Center West Ballroom
Time: 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

Do you offer tours of engineering facilities?

The Jacobs School of Engineering currently does NOT offer tours of its facilities. As you can imagine, there are several factors that prohibit public access to our laboratory spaces. If interested in touring the UC San Diego campus, you can sign up for a free tour here. You can also visit department advising when you are here. Please visit their respective websites for Undergraduate Advising hours and locations.

Can I change colleges?

Students who accept the offer of admission should assume that they will remain in the college to which they were admitted. Changing colleges is rare and quite difficult.

Can I double major or minor in engineering?

You can double-major in an engineering and NON-engineering major. You CANNOT double major in two engineering majors. Similarly, you can major/minor in an engineering major and a non-engineering minor. Some common combinations are engineering/math, engineering/economics.

Additional FAQ on Jacobs School's Capped Majors