Jacobs School students can take advantage of an array of advising resources to help achieve their academic goals. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisors beginning at orientation and throughout their undergraduate careers.

Engineering Department Advising

Helps students with engineering major requirements and curriculum planning, petitions, regulations, degree checks, etc. Staff advisors can also refer students to faculty for advice on engineering specialization, technical electives and career options.

  • Bioengineering (BENG)

    Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall (PFBH)
    WebSite: http://be.ucsd.edu

    Vanessa Hollingsworth
    Room: 141 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-0006
    Email: vkhollingsworth@ucsd.edu

    Elizabeth Soos
    Room: 141 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-1010
    Email: esoos@ucsd.edu

    Kelly Thorpe
    Room: 143 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-7538
    Email: kthorpe@ucsd.edu

  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

    Computer Science and Engineering Building (EBU-3B)
    WebSite: http://cse.ucsd.edu

    Viera Kair
    Room: 1229 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-1535
    Email: vkair@ucsd.edu

    Jane Storck
    Room: 1227 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-3621
    Email: jstorck@ucsd.edu

    Wendi Stephens
    Room: 1227 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-8872
    Email: wcstephens@ucsd.edu

    Bianca Ibarra
    Room: 1236 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-1754
    Email: bibarra@ucsd.edu

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

    Jacobs Hall
    Website: http://ece.ucsd.edu

    Myda Prado
    Room: 2906 (2nd floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-0273
    Email: mprado@ucsd.edu

    Vanessa Chiu
    Room: 2906 (2nd floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-6395
    Email: v1chiu@ucsd.edu

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

    Engineering Building Unit II (EBU-II)
    Website: http://maeweb.ucsd.edu

    Sandra de Sousa (A-L)
    Room: 169 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-2035
    Email: sdesousa@ucsd.edu

    Chelsea Rankin (M-Z)
    Room: 180 (1st floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-0114
    Email: crankin@ucsd.edu

  • Structural Engineering (SE)

    Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME)
    Website: http://se.ucsd.edu

    Julie Storing
    Room: SME 340E (3rd floor)
    Phone: (858) 534-4185
    Email: jstoring@ucsd.edu

    Danielle Del Rosario
    Room: SME 340A (3rd floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-2273
    Email: dswenson@ucsd.edu

  • NanoEngineering (NE)

    Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME)
    Website: http://ne.ucsd.edu

    Renee Gramlich
    Room: SME 241A (2nd floor)
    Phone: (858) 822-7639
    Email: rgramlich@ucsd.edu

    Cyril Nierva
    Room: SME 241B (2nd floor)
    Phone: (858) 246-1444
    Email: cynierva@ucsd.edu

College Advising

Helps students with four-year curriculum planning and general education course requirements for graduation. Learn more »

Don't know who to call? Contact IDEA Student Center for questions on advising.