The IDEA Learning Center, located at Jacobs Hall B805 , is a space for all of the Engineering Learning Communities.

To get to the IDEA Learning Center, take the stairs from Warren Mall (closest to Bioengineering Building) to the Jacobs Hall basement courtyard, where main entrance to the IDEA Learning Center is located.

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Engineering Learning Communities

Engineering Learning Communities are the formation of formal study groups that bring engineering students into a supportive environment where they can develop confidence, strengthen study skills, and learn the value of collaborative study. This small class environment seeks to increase student mastery and motivation by eliminating the intimidating large classes that engineering students experience particularly in the freshman year. Learning Communities at other institutions have proven effective in improving grades, motivation, and learning.

What you can expect from the Engineering Learning Communities program:

  • Each learning community cluster meet as a group with a Peer Educator for a two-hour session each week
  • At the meeting, the students work in their clusters on sets of problems prepared by the Peer Educator.
  • The Peer Educator assists students as problems arise and may give a short lecture if several groups are encountering common problems.
  • To work collaboratively with other program participants, teaching and learning from each other.
  • To cover course material more in-depth than in the related class.
  • To receive tips and guidance on how to prepare for examinations, how to best study, and how to best use course books and materials.
  • To work through problems and learn to problem-solve at each student’s own pace as well as under timed, test-taking conditions.
  • In addition to in-class time, students can contact the Peer Educators during scheduled office hours for additional support.

Read an article about the Engineering Learning Communities here.

Engineering Learning Communities are offered throughout the academic year to provide academic support for core engineering pre-requisite classes. Schedules vary each quarter in conjunction with Calculus/Physics/Chemistry courses offered.

  • Week 9: Application and schedule available for Engineering Learning Communities being offered the following quarter
  • School Break: Applications close
  • Week 1: Students notified of their assigned Engineering Learning Community workshop. Applications will re-open for workshops that have spots available
  • Week 2: Engineering Learning Communities start
  • Weeks 3-4: Students on waitlist will be placed in Engineering Learning Communities as spots become available

Chem 6C

Wed 5-7PM

Math 20B

Tue 5-7PM

Math 20C

Thur 11AM-1PM

Math 20D

Wed 7-9PM

Tue 3-5PM

Math 20E

Sun 10AM-12PM

Math 18

Mon 4-6PM

Physics 2A

Mon 2-4PM

Physics 2B

Mon 6-8PM

Thur 6-8PM

Fri 9-11

Physics 2C

Thur 1-3PM

Karla Aceves

My name is Karla Aceves and I am a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering major. At the moment I am leaning towards working on technological advancements in rocketry. I am a part of the organization called Triton Rocket Club and I hold the officer position of Event Coordinator. I love volunteering in programs or events that emphasize on the advancement of underrepresented, low-income students such as the Jacobs Engineering Overnight Program, the IDEA Learning Center Tutoring program and the IDEA Scholars Big/Little arrangement. I have always been grateful for the people that helped me get to a good university and achieve the things I have and I think it’s extremely important to do my part in helping others like me do the same.

Loosineh Aghaian

I am a senior chemical engineering student. I came to United States 6 years ago. I have lived in Los Angeles for four years and then I moved to San Diego in 2014. I have always been passionate about science and particularly chemistry and physics. I chose chemical engineering since I like challenging myself and have dreams of exploring the unknowns, pushing all the boundaries of scientific and technical limits and creating something new that would help the humanities. My goal is to continue my education in environmental engineering for my master and work toward preserving natural resources, and finding solution to current environmental issues. I'm really interested in having a higher impact in the world around me, and I want to be able to give back to the society that helped me build my skills. For fun, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I also enjoy being in nature. I like hiking, horseback riding and camping.

Carlos Vargas Consuelos (Ingram)

I’m doing a Ph. D. in Materials Science and Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Olivia Graeve. My research is focused in ceramic and composite materials for aerospace engineering and hydrogen storage applications. Principally, I’m interested in studying the processing of new boride nano structures by combustion synthesis and their incorporation into polymer matrixes to create new functional nano fibers.

Kinuth Gelmo

Hi, I'm Kinuth. I'm a second-year Nanoengineering major here at UCSD. I am also currently fulfilling a music minor. In the near future I hope to go to grad school, and hopefully do my own research. I enjoy playing basketball, playing saxophone and piano, and binge-watching t.v shows when I should instead be doing schoolwork.

Eric Golant

I am a transfer student from Northern California, currently in my junior year at UCSD majoring in Engineering Physics. I hope to continue my education by attending grad school, and wouldn't mind working in Silicon Valley in some capacity in the future.

Mariano Iberico

Hi! My name is Mariano Iberico and I will be the Learning Community Facilitator for Physics 2A. I am currently a 2nd year majoring in Electrical Engineer from Warren College and my main interests fall inside Machine Learning and Robotics, specially the area of continuum robots. An interesting fact about myself is that I'm an International Student from Peru and thus I am a big fan of hiking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. My main hobbies are playing guitar, squash, soccer and I also really enjoy spending time reading philosophy books from time to time. As a facilitator, my job is to help you guys succeed academically and make myself available for any additional assistance you might need. We are here to help you, just ask!

Joanne Ly

I am a 4th year chemical engineer with a minor in psychology. My research interests lie in creating biomedical tools to biologically diagnose and treat those with mental health disorders. Currently, I am a lab assistant in Todd Coleman's lab, developing a new technique to assemble nucleic acid. One of my greatest joys is to be able to help others, so if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know!

Martin Magno

Hello everyone! My name is Martin Magno. I am a senior majoring in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Electronic Devices and Materials. I am currently serving as the Academic Chair for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and am conducting research under the guidance of Professor Vazquez from the NanoEngineering Department. I plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering here at UCSD then seek other opportunities in industry. On my free time, I love staying active whether it may be weightlifting or going on hikes. I follow too many shows to name and watch anime as well. I absolutely love coffee and going out for food!

Rachel Miller

In evaluation of my first two years in the Nano Engineering program, there are two ways I feel I have learned and grown the most. The first is through undergraduate researcher in Dr. Darren Lipomi's research group for stretchable electronic, where I have found my passion for integrating electronics and the motion and contours of the human body. The second is my position as Nano Engineering and Technology Society (NETS) Outreach Chair where I was reaffirmed in my passion for education and founded our Nano Outreach program, bringing interactive science and engineering demonstrations and activities to grade school students. Aside from academics, I spend my time training and competing with the UCSD Figure Skating team, attending various music events, and continuing my search for the best cup of coffee. Teaching and higher education in STEM fields is my passion and it is my goal to earn a PhD and become an educator and researcher at the university level.

Marissa Miramontes

Marissa Miramontes

Hi, my name is Marissa, and I'm a Bioengineering major in my junior year at UCSD as well as a transfer student from Orange County, CA. In addition to being a learning facilitator, I'm currently conducting research at the Center for Biomechanics in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. I plan to pursue a PhD after graduation and hope to have a career in medical device research whether that be in industry or academia. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and occasionally going for a horseback ride or playing some video games!

Melissa Perez

I am a second year in Muir College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am from Montebello, which is in Los Angeles. I am involved in the IDEA Scholars program. I chose to be a tutor in Math because it has always been my favorite subject and is the subject that I feel the most confident in. In the future, I hope to become a Mechanical Engineer and work for Disney as an Imagineer. My hobbies include playing soccer and tennis, listening to Taylor Swift, and watching Netflix.

Ashley Qu

"Hello there! My name is Ashley, and I am a 3rd year mechanical engineering major. I am originally from the Inland Empire area, but San Diego has definitely captured my heart since moving here. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, road tripping and eating the whole menu with friends! Eventually, I hope to visit (and paint) all the national parks across the country. Currently, I work in tutoring both on- and off-campus because I love engaging with students and helping them realize their true potential and possibly new passions! I am also heavily involved in research within the Physics department, studying and growing high-temperature superconductors that are currently used within the biomedical field! I hope to eventually pursue a M.B.A. and a Ph.D. in materials engineering, although I have yet to decide between industry and academia, because I love both teaching students and managing projects!"

Christopher Sanchez

My name is Chris Sanchez and I will be the Peer Facilitator for Physic 2C. I am a third year Aerospace Engineering student. I have always loved space, and hope to be able to work in that sector once I graduate. My hobbies are hiking, traveling, and camping.

Viviana Vela

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Structural Engineering with a civil focus. I work as a research assistant focusing on earthquake engineering and upon graduation plan to attain a PhD in Structural Engineering to pursue a career in academia. I am a McNair Scholar and heavily involved with the CAMP program at UCSD. I am the vice president of the SACNAS chapter at UCSD, a member of SHPE, and a participant in the concrete canoe team with SCSE. I have a passion for art. On my free time I like to listen to music of all genres and draw with different media. My hope is to help other students with the knowledge I have gained throughout my college experience.

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