Ryan Sitar, Valeria Gallardo, Scott Sprouse & Vivianna Gomez
@ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders

“This conference gave me an opportunity to network with professionals, and interact with other students from other schools. I was able to learn more about general leadership within the Society of Civil Engineers, how to go about advancing my professional career, and how to better serve the community through interaction with professionals and lectures by accomplished engineers.” -Ryan

Tyler Ly, Fumika Takazawa, Rishi Dhanaraj, Steven Lee & Sherman Yip
@Theta Tau 2016 Spring Western Regionals

“This was my first regional conference since becoming a part of the organization, and I could not have had a better experience. Not only was I able to network with over a hundred other engineering students in the organization, but I was able to talk to CEOs, motivational speakers, and engineering alumni, as well as learn ways to improve not only our ucsd chapter of the organization, but myself as an aspiring engineer.” -Sherman

Taylor Lew & Susmitha Kalidindi

“At SplashCon, I learned so much about how to run Splash, which is an outreach event that is for middle school and high school students. This is my first time running it and had not heard of the event prior to this year. Undergrads teach classes about anything, whether it be technical, artsy, or fun, that the students sign up for. The event really helped me understand all of the planning that goes into running this event. You have to encourage teachers to sign up, reach out to local schools, coordinate when classes are going to be, and budget wisely. Also, it opened my eyes to how big this event is. There were students from Yale, USC, Cornell, Pomona, MIT, Stanford, and several others.” –Taylor

Kaytlyn S. Taglialavore Ajay Singh Michael Mnatsakanian & Pia Puray
@ESW National Conference

“It was a wonderful networking experience to learn more about other chapters of the organization. We also were able to attend professional sessions and because we brought enough people to the conference we had someone from our chapter present at all the sessions. We all took notes and are able to bring back what we learned, whether that be professional speakers we can have at our events, companies that would be willing to hire members of our organization, or other student chapters that we can learn from or can learn from us.” –Kaytlyn

Ryan Collins & Adrienne Chang

“This was an amazing opportunity for me to learn more about the space industry and what key players in this field felt it was moving towards. Multiple panels covered different aspects from space policy to privatization. It was a once-in-a-lifetime for me to be able to connect to other students with the same interests and be inspired by those driving change in space.”-Adrienne

Thy Le & David Paz
@i-Trek Presentation

“Throughout the time my lab-mate and I attended the event, we made further developments to our sensor's prototype and also gave a presentation that further reinforced our communication and presentation skills. We also developed more professional connections in both, the industry and academia.” -Thy

Nicholas Ha, Derek Lam, Alexander Yu & Nathan Godwin
@UC Davis NATCAR Races

“At the Natcar competition, I definitely had fun competing with fellow UCSD students and representing our school at the event. I felt that traveling all the way to Davis really showed our school's commitment to the project that we had created, and having this opportunity was a fun personal experience as well as a rewarding professional experience. As I have already competed twice in our school's Grand PrIEEE competition, it was interesting to see where it originated from: UC Davis's Natcar competition.” –Derek

Marco Flowers, Michael Park, Winson Quan, Otto Jursch, Vachan Vadmal, Matthew Ho, Kevin Duong, & Jessica Chan
@AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition

“The competition was held at a Navy base in Maryland and we competed against schools from around the world. It was rewarding to compete against other schools and demonstrate the work we put into our drone system throughout the year. I was able to interact, network, and share technical information with other schools who had also been working on similar systems. Sponsors from industry were present and there was a job fair at the beginning of the event.”-Marco

Joanne Lee, Nisha Yerunkar, Jiayu Zhao, Jinrong Gong, Nicholas Crow, Connor Smith & Gregory Morgan
@Vision VR/AR Summit 2017

“This was a developer conference for people who are involved in virtual reality development. Most of the conference involved professional talks to help people learn development and design tools and techniques. It also involved the opportunity to connect with others in the field and share our experiences and contact information. The summit enhanced both my educational and professional experience as a student.”-Nisha

Raina Ahuja
@ACM CHI 2017

“My research group and I were fortunate enough to have our paper accepted for the late-breaking work category at CHI and it was well-received by the reviewers who approved our paper. Being there to present with my team placed me in a great learning environment for my academic and professional growth. We were able to network with recruiters from top companies and get a preview of the latest technology being used in research.”