Elizabeth Farkas
@ 2019 IEEE Rising Stars Conference

“During this conference, I attended a cybersecurity competition, technical panels about upcoming tech topics such as 5G and space exploration, professional development panels on project management and team building, and networking events. These networking breakout sessions between panels and during meals were incredibly valuable (and fun) because I got to talk to students, young professionals, and professionals from across the country about their interests and career paths. I personally gained insight into how to pursue project management and a career in embedded systems but also learned about other career paths in medical devices and aerospace.”

Marquez Balingit
@ NSBE National Convention 2019

“I spent time networking with recruiters from multiple graduate school programs and got contact information as well as in depth info about the opportunities for visiting the campuses. I gave resumes to these schools and to companies such as Consumer Energy, JPL, and others for internship opportunities. I gained wisdom about the growing influence of artificial intelligence and its impact on the criminal justice system, "Smart Cities", and future for work. I also learned about key methods and strategies to becoming a successful applicant in graduate fellowship programs such as The National GEM and the NSF.”

Xuanang Li
@ 2019 IEEE VLSI Test Symposium

“My first authored paper was accepted to the conference. This is my first time giving a technical presentation about my research work. I spent a lot of time improving my presentation skills and prepared to answer any questions from other professors, PhD students, and industrial people. During the conference, I met a lot of people that are interested in my research. I also listened to a bunch of talks in the field of hardware testing and security that represent the state of the art development in these fields.”

Sean Orellana
@ 45th Annual NSBE National Conference

“While I was in Detroit Michigan attending the 45th Annual NSBE National Conference I had both a great professional experience and was able to get closer to my fellow organization members. The two-day career fair helped me learn more in depth about how different energy companies function and what fields I’d be interested in learning more about through co-op or internship opportunities. Also, since I mostly spending time with my organization members we became closer and I got to know them more as people rather than fellow engineers. I will use the information I gathered from the conference to apply for internships for summer 2020 and learn what I want to focus on.”

Cesar Alva
@ Associated Schools of

“The event was one of a kind that cannot be replaced by any other experience. It involved coming up with construction solutions under 15 hours, acting as a general contractor for a heavy civil problem. We were able to learn what involves building a bridge especially on the financial side. We had to determine an estimate for the total amount it would cost to build the bridge and the staging of how it would get constructed. We learned how communication and organizational skills are key components in any job site as its a team collaboration between engineers, architects and general contractors to have a job done. On top of that it was also important to keep everything organized as coming up with a bid book to explain the different estimates and subcontractors that are joining the site can become a part of the problem if nothing is organized.”

Victoria Thai
@ Engineers for a Sustainable World Annual Conference 2019

“There were many speakers for the event that discussed different topics, including sustainable city infrastructure and how to create international projects. From those sessions, I learned that public transportation can drastically reduce personal vehicles on the roads. I also learned how to organize, plan, and execute an international project that could help poorer communities live better lives, for example, building a bridge across a river. We were also able to network with other students from different chapters. I now have a contact from another chapter that can help get corporate sponsorship for the UCSD chapter. I was able to learn more about different resources within the ESW national community that can help make the ESW-UCSD chapter even better through the community, fundraising, or through projects. All in all, the ESW conference was a great experience that taught me new things about being an ESW member and leader.”

Antony Nguyen
@ IEEE Rising Stars

“It was a tremendous experience learning from so many people with so many years of life experience. Just as importantly, I connected with students from other IEEE branches from around the entire world. I did an Arduino workshop with students from branches in Korea, played board games until 4 am with officers from UCSB (Who I just earlier today had a meeting with them to discuss future collaborative activities since I happened to be at UCSB for SB Hacks), and met up with old friends from Berkeley, Stanford, and Texas A&M. Of course, like any other conference, I also learned a lot from panels and talks. But above all else, it was the people who I connected with and befriended that made the experience valuable. It not only gave me greater insight on how I could better run UCSD's IEEE Student Branch, but also showed me ways to better act as a person, both professionally and personally.”

Atharv (Terry) Worlikar
@ oSTEM's 8th Annual Conference

“Our group had a productive time at the conference. We were able to network with students from other universities as well as industry representatives from companies such as Genentech, Freenome, Raytheon, ExxonMobil, and the CIA. In addition, one student, Michelle Holland, won the award for Best Poster Presentation on their research for fluoroquinolones. Plus, the UCSD CSE department was able to table at the Grad school and Career fair, reaching out to potential CSE grad students.”

Surabhi Kalyan
@ ASU Innovation Open Semi-Finals

“My startup SoleMate Solutions pitched for leading individuals in the entrepreneurial space at the ASU Innovation Open semi-finals. The other teams there were extremely talented, and we learned so much from their pitching styles and passions. There were 15 teams chosen to present at the semi-finals. We are thrilled to be one of the top 5 teams chosen to present at the finals in February 2019.”

Samantha Lee
@ SASE West Regional Conference

“Attending SASE WRC allows us a unique opportunity to network with other SASE chapters across the West Region. We met people from Fresno State, Cal State Long Beach, UC Santa Barbara and even Arizona State, just to name a few. Along with meeting people from across the state, we were able to refine our professional skills by attending the workshops hosted by industry professionals such as those from the Red Cross and Lockheed Martin.”